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Hi ! Everyone

Posted by Webmistress on June 28, 2008

So, finally my journey begins…..

I was just crazy for blogging as each of friends is having his/her own blogs. It was me with no blog. Now, i am also a blogger…… Cheers!!!

Well, i’ve written tons of content for innumerous blogs as being a content editor at a very well known web designing company. All that is just professionally.

Being here on my own blog and writing the very first post for this upcoming blog ….. i am unable to tell how much happy i do feel. it’s just amazing.

This is just for my interest n my craze. well, i do love hills…. my passion , my love, my crush, my weakness, my source of inspiration are just hills… n that flowing blue water…. having a dream house on the top of some hill is my dream. hope, i’ll turn it in reality one day.

Beauty of Nature

So, buddies this blog is for my love…. how many of u  r crazy for hills???


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