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Let’s Share a Nice Collection….

Posted by Webmistress on July 30, 2008

Hi Guys!!  No updates from the last few days as i was a little bit busy. Got the midnight free of worries to post something for the visitors of this blog…

As we all know very well, Nature’s beauty is out of definition or we can say worldless but for the Nature lovers only. Ordinary things for a normal human being may have an extra charm for the fans of Nature. Well, as much as i am concerned, even the scene of sun-setting and sun-rising can take you in some imaginary world where just peace and peace is spread ed and no worries at all. Have you ever noticed the sound of flowing water…. WOW!!! its sound is just superb and sitting on the bank of some river or canal while having your feet under the cool water, it rocks man!!!

Hats off Nature’s pure beauty and also to the lovers of this lovable and precious creation–

Here’re some images letting you involved with nature and its charm. Please have a look:

So, enjoy this cool beauty of nature and let me go to bed as feeling very tired after a hectic schedele through the day!!!


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When I enjoyed Nature at its extreme in Ludhiana………….

Posted by Webmistress on July 17, 2008

I am a lil bit confused … what should be the title of this post. Whether it should be ‘My Best enjoyed drive ever’ or what it’s now???? Let it be like it is and go ahead…

Well, today was an ordinary day (before 6:40 PM), everything was just usual… went college at 7:30 AM… reached office at 10:00 AM. Office routine was again very same, so I spent my whole day without any intuition what’s gonna happen at evening.

Let’s disclose what I have to share with you! Finally, I left office at 6:35 PM… when I came out from the building…. Weather was so good…. Cool breeze was blowing… clouds were there in the sky… we can say ‘very romantic environment’.

I got my Activa and started driving towards home. Things were okay till I reached Gill Road… suddenly; I felt that it’s raining…. And within the next 3-4 minutes, it was raining heavily… oh! God cool drops of water…. Water flowing on roads and believe me I was the only one at road… it was raining so heavily and to drive the scooter, so difficult. Drops were going directly into my eyes… it was so hard to see next….

Very frankly, initially, I got scared and decided to take a shelter… but then thought to take a dare… let’s see what happens??? Continued driving…. Oh! While closing my eyes… I was driving (good luck was that road was empty… just two-three vehicles were there)…passers by were looking so happy… me too enjoyed it a lot…. would like to suggest you drive whenever it rains!!!

I think, it was the best and most enjoyed journey of my life till now (well, I do have a passion of driving)…. At a moment, I thought to take a shelter… but then came the moment when I thought … God! Plz let this journey continue (I mean don’t let my home come in my way…).

Gill Road was looking like a heaven… where I was going on like a fairy … completely wet.
So, that’s how i enjoyed on the roads of Ludhiana exactly like one can enjoy on some hilly station …

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Rohtang- JAB WE MET there!!!

Posted by Webmistress on July 9, 2008

Yeah! exactly, i am talking about Jab we Met movie starring Karina Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor. A very fantastic movie filmed at one of world’s very much beautiful places, Himalayas. Watching Karina in Manali’s traditional dress…. she looks very beautiful while dancing with the co-stars. Well, some of my good friends do say that i do resemble Karina… just for leg-pulling!!! i don’t resemble her! Oh! Karina can’t compete with me…. after all, its me….

Okay, jokes apart! Jab We Met movie is shot in in some of the most plush and scenic North-Indian locales as such ROHTANG pass and high roads leading to Kelong and Ladakh. Have you listened the song ‘YEH ISHQ’??? This song is picturised on Shahid and Karina in the snow-laden locales of Rohtang. Ah!! how much lucky the couple is who enjoyed that beauty on sub-zero temperature. if wanna listen this song???

Yeh Ishq was shot in the Himalayas and the local flavour of the mountains was absorbed in the costumes and the movements for the song. Some scenes from the song were captured in Manali !!! Look Shahid and Karina sizzling in Manali–

Well, Jab we Met is the love-story of two young hearts who meet by luck and who love by luck dealing with very unusual situations. I’ve watched this movie 15 times and whenever i do watch … it never makes me bore and heart says to watch it again and again!! One of teh very best Bolloywood movies released in 2007. Songs from JAB WE MET are also extra good.. Yeh IshQ, Nagada… Nagada, Tum Se hi (Wow!! Such a romantic song… i do like it too much), Mauja Hi Mauja (Shahid looks soooooo cool on this song), Aaoge jab tum!!!

Let’s talk a lil about two love-birds chirping in Manali…

Shahid:- An extermely talented guy with tons of innocence on his face. His dashing personality is enough to kill any young gal and yeah carries all sorts of emotions very smartly. On Jab We Met, he plays an industrialist named Aditiya.

Karina:- She’s also a beautiful gal who plays Geet on this movie. Every young is mad after her because of her sexy figure and sizzling attitude. A very good actress as well.

In a nutshell, Jab we Met is a fun-filled, unique and really very sweet love story and we all were taken on a scenic and entertaining romantic journey to my dream world.

So, this is how we all met in RoHtang, & Manali- world’s best loved tourist places… where natural beauty is at is extreme. so, when you’re gonna met in ROHtang??? Have a nice meeting!!!

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Why not to love this Beauty???

Posted by Webmistress on July 5, 2008

I m back exactly after 4 days……..

Previous 3 days were a lil bit busy because of the new working schedules at office. Coming late from office and just go to bed even without having dinner… this was my routine for the last days.. but today, feeling releaxed as it’s weekend and i do have enough time to properly have my dinner…. atleast!

Okay, let’s come to the point! As very usual, this post is again for Hills… if you’re a nature lover, then continue reading this… well, if you don’t have any special charm(like me)….then you should please continue reading…these images may let you love nature…Have a look and tell me why not to appraise this beauty……

nature 1

nature 2

nature 3

why i am insisting on you to read….. look

nature 4

A few days earlier, during lunch time in office… topic of discussion was RISHIKESH… i said that Laxman Jhula is one of the very fantastic places to visit and scenic beauty is superb. one of my colleagues argued..’ Nothing is special there. it’s just like a simple bridge and you just walk on to cross the river’. i was just shocked at her statement. is it like a simple bridge… oh!! God why all these things attract me when others say ‘Nothing is special there’. EVERYTHING IS SPECIAL THERE…..

nature 5

I don’t why i have such craze for hills .. i know many more people are like me … meeting with such a nature lover will be my immense pleasure…. SO i hop ey r feeling coooooooool!!!

if ur answer is a yes, then, thanx! and have a nice day!!! yeah, also have a rocking weekend!!!!!!!!!

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Monkey Point- a home to monkeys

Posted by Webmistress on July 1, 2008

Well,  the first hilly station which i visited with my mom n dad…. was KASAULI… i was just at 10 at that time.. my craze for hills is right from my childhood n i do have a grand collection of my cooool snaps with my family while enjoying on hills…. will share some day.

Kasauli is the beauty of Himachal and is just 70 kms away  from Chandigarh. its panoramic views will let you to forget all the worries and you’ll find yourself getting mad with high hills.. long trees…. zig-zag roads…. clever monkeys…. sweet drizzling…. cool breeze… deep valleys….. n everything there is just ROCKING.

Beauty of Kasauli

The highest point n the most loved place at KASAULI is Monkey Point. it’s just 4 kms away from Kasauli bus stand… covering that 4 kms through car is not that enjoyable as compared to walk holding hands in hands with your partner and watching the beauty of nature….. This scenic spot is under the control of Indian Air Force and to have a glimpse of this beauty you will’ve to take permission from them. but no photographs……. that’s the worst part as when i visited Monkey Point last time, weather was so good, i must say it was so spicy, rocking n whatever u call that….. it was raining … beautiful scenes were waiting for us to catch them but we’re helpless without nay cameras and cells…. We buddies were standing exactly in front of the temple .. i just run away to catch the moment and really thought to just fall down from that height into the lap of mother earth (however , i didn’t)… but i think dying at such place will definitely end in heaven… what says??

Have a look at the temple situated at the highest point in Kasauli  …Temple at the highest point in Kasauli

Monkey Point is the home to monkeys.. they can come anywhere n can snatch anything from u.. even one my friends lost her hand bag when a monkey came n she left it scarcely on the road ….

monkeys at Monkey Point

On a clear and starry night the gorgeous view of Chandigarh can be seen very easily from the Monkey Point.

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