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Monkey Point- a home to monkeys

Posted by Webmistress on July 1, 2008

Well,  the first hilly station which i visited with my mom n dad…. was KASAULI… i was just at 10 at that time.. my craze for hills is right from my childhood n i do have a grand collection of my cooool snaps with my family while enjoying on hills…. will share some day.

Kasauli is the beauty of Himachal and is just 70 kms away  from Chandigarh. its panoramic views will let you to forget all the worries and you’ll find yourself getting mad with high hills.. long trees…. zig-zag roads…. clever monkeys…. sweet drizzling…. cool breeze… deep valleys….. n everything there is just ROCKING.

Beauty of Kasauli

The highest point n the most loved place at KASAULI is Monkey Point. it’s just 4 kms away from Kasauli bus stand… covering that 4 kms through car is not that enjoyable as compared to walk holding hands in hands with your partner and watching the beauty of nature….. This scenic spot is under the control of Indian Air Force and to have a glimpse of this beauty you will’ve to take permission from them. but no photographs……. that’s the worst part as when i visited Monkey Point last time, weather was so good, i must say it was so spicy, rocking n whatever u call that….. it was raining … beautiful scenes were waiting for us to catch them but we’re helpless without nay cameras and cells…. We buddies were standing exactly in front of the temple .. i just run away to catch the moment and really thought to just fall down from that height into the lap of mother earth (however , i didn’t)… but i think dying at such place will definitely end in heaven… what says??

Have a look at the temple situated at the highest point in Kasauli  …Temple at the highest point in Kasauli

Monkey Point is the home to monkeys.. they can come anywhere n can snatch anything from u.. even one my friends lost her hand bag when a monkey came n she left it scarcely on the road ….

monkeys at Monkey Point

On a clear and starry night the gorgeous view of Chandigarh can be seen very easily from the Monkey Point.


7 Responses to “Monkey Point- a home to monkeys”

  1. Aman said

    Hello Raj!

    mujhe bhi wo hand bag wala incident aaj tak yaad hai!

    nice collection of previuos life

  2. Ridzi said

    Hi Aman, keep visiting u’ll find all fantastic days of past here!!

  3. Vijay M said

    Hey Ridzi!!!!!!!!!

    your name seems cool but you are not.

    which is really boring.So try to be cool as well as me and then you can see the result which you would enjoy a lot.

  4. Vijay M said

    And by the way this place seems a cool monkey point so why not you are trying to settle there.

  5. Ridzi said

    well, thanks i know my name is coooooool n i m also cooooool……

    i am planning to settle in Manali…. if i can stay here at ldh with monkeys (hope u r getting)…. then living in manali with monkeys would be an easier task…!!

  6. Vijay M said

    You mean presently where you are leaving Is a monkey place???????

    And if so then it would be a great interest to watch it.

    What do you think?

  7. Sam said


    what a beautiful post??????????
    i like it to much

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