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Why not to love this Beauty???

Posted by Webmistress on July 5, 2008

I m back exactly after 4 days……..

Previous 3 days were a lil bit busy because of the new working schedules at office. Coming late from office and just go to bed even without having dinner… this was my routine for the last days.. but today, feeling releaxed as it’s weekend and i do have enough time to properly have my dinner…. atleast!

Okay, let’s come to the point! As very usual, this post is again for Hills… if you’re a nature lover, then continue reading this… well, if you don’t have any special charm(like me)….then you should please continue reading…these images may let you love nature…Have a look and tell me why not to appraise this beauty……

nature 1

nature 2

nature 3

why i am insisting on you to read….. look

nature 4

A few days earlier, during lunch time in office… topic of discussion was RISHIKESH… i said that Laxman Jhula is one of the very fantastic places to visit and scenic beauty is superb. one of my colleagues argued..’ Nothing is special there. it’s just like a simple bridge and you just walk on to cross the river’. i was just shocked at her statement. is it like a simple bridge… oh!! God why all these things attract me when others say ‘Nothing is special there’. EVERYTHING IS SPECIAL THERE…..

nature 5

I don’t why i have such craze for hills .. i know many more people are like me … meeting with such a nature lover will be my immense pleasure…. SO i hop ey r feeling coooooooool!!!

if ur answer is a yes, then, thanx! and have a nice day!!! yeah, also have a rocking weekend!!!!!!!!!


9 Responses to “Why not to love this Beauty???”

  1. Gagg said

    All pictures are very much beautiful…

  2. Vijay M said

    One thing also should be considered that one should have warm clothes along with him/her while going for a tour to these kind of place.

    Otherwise you would have the same result that i have right now.

  3. Ridzi said

    yeah! exactly warm clothes r a must have while going to such kinda cool-places.

    ur condition is really very funny… u looks like a person who suggests others after experiencing
    the reality……. god bless u!!!!!!!!

  4. Vijay M said

    god bless you too!

    Coz i am a man with strong power and you are a girl so would not survive.

    So take care.

  5. Ridzi said

    hey Mr.!!!

    i m a gal it doesn’t mean u r stronger than me…

    for ur kind info.. gals r physically stronger than men… scientifically proven fact!!!

  6. skumar said

    well your all are know all who is stronger than you..yeah he is me (sushil). don’t believe ? fight with me..than you will can know. will try soon.

  7. skumar said

    opps ! forgot to say that you r right that rishikesh have everything..what everyone want to see…well i will invite you to come rishikesh with me..will you come with me? hope you will..

  8. Skumar… so u belongs to rishikesh…. good

    i wanna see rishikesh….. when will u invite me to your home town…. wanna go there….

  9. skumar said

    Tu to aise pooch rahi hai jaise ki skumar ko janti hi nahin…..:( . well it happend nobody want to remember someone but i never hope this to you..

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