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Rohtang- JAB WE MET there!!!

Posted by Webmistress on July 9, 2008

Yeah! exactly, i am talking about Jab we Met movie starring Karina Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor. A very fantastic movie filmed at one of world’s very much beautiful places, Himalayas. Watching Karina in Manali’s traditional dress…. she looks very beautiful while dancing with the co-stars. Well, some of my good friends do say that i do resemble Karina… just for leg-pulling!!! i don’t resemble her! Oh! Karina can’t compete with me…. after all, its me….

Okay, jokes apart! Jab We Met movie is shot in in some of the most plush and scenic North-Indian locales as such ROHTANG pass and high roads leading to Kelong and Ladakh. Have you listened the song ‘YEH ISHQ’??? This song is picturised on Shahid and Karina in the snow-laden locales of Rohtang. Ah!! how much lucky the couple is who enjoyed that beauty on sub-zero temperature. if wanna listen this song???

Yeh Ishq was shot in the Himalayas and the local flavour of the mountains was absorbed in the costumes and the movements for the song. Some scenes from the song were captured in Manali !!! Look Shahid and Karina sizzling in Manali–

Well, Jab we Met is the love-story of two young hearts who meet by luck and who love by luck dealing with very unusual situations. I’ve watched this movie 15 times and whenever i do watch … it never makes me bore and heart says to watch it again and again!! One of teh very best Bolloywood movies released in 2007. Songs from JAB WE MET are also extra good.. Yeh IshQ, Nagada… Nagada, Tum Se hi (Wow!! Such a romantic song… i do like it too much), Mauja Hi Mauja (Shahid looks soooooo cool on this song), Aaoge jab tum!!!

Let’s talk a lil about two love-birds chirping in Manali…

Shahid:- An extermely talented guy with tons of innocence on his face. His dashing personality is enough to kill any young gal and yeah carries all sorts of emotions very smartly. On Jab We Met, he plays an industrialist named Aditiya.

Karina:- She’s also a beautiful gal who plays Geet on this movie. Every young is mad after her because of her sexy figure and sizzling attitude. A very good actress as well.

In a nutshell, Jab we Met is a fun-filled, unique and really very sweet love story and we all were taken on a scenic and entertaining romantic journey to my dream world.

So, this is how we all met in RoHtang, & Manali- world’s best loved tourist places… where natural beauty is at is extreme. so, when you’re gonna met in ROHtang??? Have a nice meeting!!!


23 Responses to “Rohtang- JAB WE MET there!!!”

  1. Vijay M said

    Sounds like you are a huge fan of Shahid and kareena.

  2. Vijay M said

    hey webmistress

    Recently i discovered that you really do resembles kareena.

    Congrats to you.

    Wait wait ….. the main thing i forgot to tell you that some of mine friends too! have said that i also do resembles shahid.

    But it doesn’t mean that only because of this reason he is my favorite.

    He was my favorite when he was in love with BEBO.

  3. Vijay M said

    And kareena with him (shahid)

    I don’t know what is wrong with kareena that she is going in the hands of saif who already have two kids hardley younger to kereena.

    From this angle of a father.He looks like a father of BEBO too! and his duty becomes to do KANYADAAN of kareena as a gentle father with a young stylish dashing (Like me) shahid.

    Par kya karain yehi to kalyog hai

    Sorry if my thoughts are different from yours.

  4. Vijay M said

    wow thats great to see my comments here.

    This shows that the webmistress is also thinks the same.
    But why i am not getting reply from your side.

  5. Well, who idiot says that u do resemble to Shahid….

    Are Shahid bechara tumare sath kya compete karega????? u r extra smart than him……. Hah ha ha

    i m not interested to see what’s happening in their personal lives… i don’t have any concern whether she’s with shahid or with saif……….. it’s her life and she’s much more capable to take decisions so u PLZ don’t worry about her!!!

    take care of someone which concerns with u ….. kareena doesn’t need u okay!!!

  6. Vijay M said

    okay then tell me who concerns with me?

    It Would be better if you would answer honestly.

  7. Ridzi said

    I think ur mom.. ur dad…. ur sis…. ur friends…. ur list of more than 25 gals……

    they all do concern with u……

    Hope it’s enough !!!!!!!!!

  8. Vijay M said

    you forgot someone who is really close to my heart also.

    I am not sure who is that but i think you can make it clear to me.

  9. Vijay M said

    Oops……. no replies….?????????

  10. Ridzi said

    WELL, if you wanna tell me the truth, then here it is-

    RAVNEET is one who’s close to your heart and she deserves it. let her to occupy your heart and don’t deviate from ur direction…… hope u understand.

  11. skumar said

    Well don’t know who you Ridzi but yeah you right …RAVNEET is one of her who is very close to vijay’s heart..don’t know when i will meet my miss right. hope she will beautiful…

    well congrats vijay for Ravneet bhabi..i want to she her as my bhabi.

  12. Ridzi said

    Hi Sushil… its me yaar

    Me too want to see my ravneet bhbi but vijay doesn’t seem to show her us photograph….

    i asked him 100s of times to show Ravneet’s photo but he didn’t …. don’t know why???

  13. Vijay M said

    I know that if i would show you her snap then both of you would definitely get jealous from me and her.

    So just wait……. and wait……………

  14. Ridzi said

    Well…don’t know how much beautiful she is???

    Just show us her snap…. promise no one will get jealous from her and u…

    woW!!! WORLD’S nO.1 COUPLE……

  15. skumar said

    Hey i have never seen her photograph and also never talked with her…so i am not sure…it would be true that some is loving you..well i looking for to talk with her….if she!! otherwise you should not show you imagine…like have a girlfriend and whatever you said about her..

  16. Thank you

  17. Sam said

    mere saath kiyaaaaaa
    promise nibhana diiiiiii

    bhul mat jana byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  18. priyadarshini said


  19. priyadarshini said

    i looovvveeeee uuuuuuuu shahid……!!!!!!!

  20. that is my fouvrite seen frpom this film

  21. priyanka said

    am from chennai but i lke shahid kapoor

  22. krrish said

    shahidddddddd i love you i love you so much can vb frndzzz shahid plzz i wana talk to you umahhhhhhhhh i love you shahid i am krrish

  23. Listen radio mirchi

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