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When I enjoyed Nature at its extreme in Ludhiana………….

Posted by Webmistress on July 17, 2008

I am a lil bit confused … what should be the title of this post. Whether it should be ‘My Best enjoyed drive ever’ or what it’s now???? Let it be like it is and go ahead…

Well, today was an ordinary day (before 6:40 PM), everything was just usual… went college at 7:30 AM… reached office at 10:00 AM. Office routine was again very same, so I spent my whole day without any intuition what’s gonna happen at evening.

Let’s disclose what I have to share with you! Finally, I left office at 6:35 PM… when I came out from the building…. Weather was so good…. Cool breeze was blowing… clouds were there in the sky… we can say ‘very romantic environment’.

I got my Activa and started driving towards home. Things were okay till I reached Gill Road… suddenly; I felt that it’s raining…. And within the next 3-4 minutes, it was raining heavily… oh! God cool drops of water…. Water flowing on roads and believe me I was the only one at road… it was raining so heavily and to drive the scooter, so difficult. Drops were going directly into my eyes… it was so hard to see next….

Very frankly, initially, I got scared and decided to take a shelter… but then thought to take a dare… let’s see what happens??? Continued driving…. Oh! While closing my eyes… I was driving (good luck was that road was empty… just two-three vehicles were there)…passers by were looking so happy… me too enjoyed it a lot…. would like to suggest you drive whenever it rains!!!

I think, it was the best and most enjoyed journey of my life till now (well, I do have a passion of driving)…. At a moment, I thought to take a shelter… but then came the moment when I thought … God! Plz let this journey continue (I mean don’t let my home come in my way…).

Gill Road was looking like a heaven… where I was going on like a fairy … completely wet.
So, that’s how i enjoyed on the roads of Ludhiana exactly like one can enjoy on some hilly station …


18 Responses to “When I enjoyed Nature at its extreme in Ludhiana………….”

  1. Vijay M said

    You are a little bit of late this time to enjoy this way of driving.

    Coz most of the persons around here who are reading your post (getting bore) already have this pleasure before.

    So if you want some more tips about how to enjoy driving more you can ask me.

  2. Vijay M said

    and don’t get angry to read my comment because its a fact and i do believe to tell them

    Kyonki mein jhoot nahi bolta.


  3. Soman22 said


    raj u know what u r such an innocent girl who does everything, u took a dare, that is good!

  4. Ridzi said

    thanx for ur comments .. i think the post is not that boring (look what soman has said)…

    if u still think it’s boring… then, i can’t do anything coz ur taste is not good… understand!!!

  5. Vijay M said

    Soman as name shows that she is a girl may be. If she is then which girl would dare to be against you.

    So try to understand her problem.

  6. Sukhi said

    aman told me about your blog, nice posts, so many comments. continue it as SUKHI is ready to comment.

  7. Soman22 said

    i am not hav problem…….

    i do not know what u r saying?

  8. Ridzi said

    what do you mean by try to understand her problem????

    look, she doesn’t have any problem……. n don’t be oversmart… it looks funny!!!!!!

  9. Vijay M said

    Hey soman don’t get scared yaar…..

  10. skumar said

    What you all talking about…do not fight ..!!
    it’s nice to see another nature lover here..hey RAAZ really i was looking for nature lover blog and now i get it..thanks for making this..

  11. Vijay M said

    I know skumar you are buttering her.

    But i also know that it is necessary for you. So keep it up.

  12. Ridzi said

    Thanks Sushil!!! i know you are also a nature lover. Actually, its my first blog so dedicated it to my interest and my love…

    so, me n u ( 2 nature lovers) we must try to make this blog interesting and fantastic…

  13. sam said

    v n p
    e i o
    r c s
    y e t

    ‘am impressed to you and your blog
    you know am also a nature lover that’s why i like it.

  14. skumar said


  15. Ridzi said

    Thanks Sam!!!!!!!

    Please keep visiting my blog…….

  16. rvewong said

    I know what you mean about rain having a strange impact.

    Since I was a boy I’ve thought that the “Rainy” feeling was related to the fact that most animals take shelter during a storm and that means safety. No hunters are out and about.

    This natural period of safety over the eons has had to have had an impact on our instincts. It is this instinctive feeling that I think you may be getting in touch with.

    Rain has always given me a sense of safety and security. I particularly like rain when I am going to sleep, it is very comforting.

  17. Well, as u said rain gives u a feeling of safety…. i m lil shocked to know that u like rain while sleeping… No, plz once for teh sake of ur love to nature and its beauty…. let urself sizzle in rain, beleive me when drops of rain will touch u… you’ll feel 101% releaxed… i do never skip to go out whenever it rains…

    getting wet with rain-drops is much more comfortable as compared to sleeping when it rains….

  18. Crack said

    well, monsoon is around the corner so i m sure that you must get ready to enjoy such kinda driving 1ce again…TC

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