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Let’s Share a Nice Collection….

Posted by Webmistress on July 30, 2008

Hi Guys!!  No updates from the last few days as i was a little bit busy. Got the midnight free of worries to post something for the visitors of this blog…

As we all know very well, Nature’s beauty is out of definition or we can say worldless but for the Nature lovers only. Ordinary things for a normal human being may have an extra charm for the fans of Nature. Well, as much as i am concerned, even the scene of sun-setting and sun-rising can take you in some imaginary world where just peace and peace is spread ed and no worries at all. Have you ever noticed the sound of flowing water…. WOW!!! its sound is just superb and sitting on the bank of some river or canal while having your feet under the cool water, it rocks man!!!

Hats off Nature’s pure beauty and also to the lovers of this lovable and precious creation–

Here’re some images letting you involved with nature and its charm. Please have a look:

So, enjoy this cool beauty of nature and let me go to bed as feeling very tired after a hectic schedele through the day!!!


14 Responses to “Let’s Share a Nice Collection….”

  1. rvewong said

    I love your collection and especially the fact that, when you say “share” you give us a decent sized photo to view so we can really appreciate it.

  2. Happy said

    Hey dear. the third pic..wanna remind me of my sweet home….somewhere near there…in the heaven…
    Anyway keep blogging ….you are caught !!! 😀

  3. well… thanx for ur comment…. so you wanna have ur home in heaven… thats good, trouble is that u can go to heaven just after death!!!!!!! what says….

    what do u mean by i’ve been caught….. i don’t think i am doing anything for which someone can caught me…. it’s just to experience blogging!!!!!!!!

  4. thanx rvewong you liked my collection………

    really wanna say thanx for ur appreciation!!!!!!!

    plz stay in touch!!! Keep visiting…

  5. Happy said

    that’s a real trouble 😀 thanks for info……so let me think..ummmm…
    ok I’ll go to canada and capture the heaven’s beauty there…without dying…..what say ! 😉

  6. WOW!!! planning to go CANADA…. kool haiiiiii

    i hope simran will get ready to go with u….. if she says yes, then, i think it’ll be ur heaven or earth… wishing u all the very best….. jus go heaven (CANADA) is waiting for u n simran……..

  7. vicky said

    Hii rajdeep. wonderful blog. You share the same attitude as my friend ………said sorry …him …..keep away from psychos and irrational stuff…know…. and work on some wonderful things as this …you are good writer.

  8. Hi Vicky…. thanx for ur nice comment…. much better than HAPPY … he never says that i m a good writer!!!!!!!!!

  9. sam said


  10. sushil said

    the first picture like a wonderful waterfall don’t know but i thing this is from America’s biggest waterfall …well i like waterfalls much…keep your work up!! I believe that you must got success in your life..ok i will talk you soon whenever you become online…

  11. WOW!! so u have a great knowledge abt America’s waterfalls.


  12. kumar said

    You..:( i couldn’t got 67% ….i have got only 47% so i don’t think that i have to celebrate it …..but if you wanna any party than party will be but don’t know when…:)

  13. Sam said

    Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    congratussss for wonderful post

  14. Ridz said

    Hello Rajdeep, how are you doing nowadays?

    actually, i m back from manali, Himachal Pradesh and have forwarded you the cool pics of natural and literal beauty!
    see and let me know did you like?

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