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Beautify yourself with the help of Nature!!

Posted by Webmistress on August 7, 2008

I know most of you will be having a blushing face after reading the title of this post!!!

Read today how to make yourself energetic as well as smart in this competitive scenario. Whether you are a gal or a boy, answer some questions very honestly… what’s ur primary concern?? How many times you go to mirror?? How many times you comb ur hair?? How many face washes and creams are there in ur wardrobe?? (Would like to have ur answers in comments)

As we all grow older, it seems that the cost of beauty increases and everyone requires more and more beauty products and treatments. Ask ur mam about the days when you’re a kid!! She will definitely say, you’re having a glowing face with very fair color!!

Tell me where that glow and fairness now is?? Actually, our busy life schedules and polluted environment has grabbed all that. Although we all use lots of beauty products everyday, but still there’re some essential beauty habits that you must adopt to have a Natural Beauty. Here’re some tips for you guys—

1.     Hydrate well: Water is what can be the secret of any diva. Trust me, never replace water with sodas and cold drinks. A good amount of water is essential as it flushes out the extra toxins that can let your body to age faster. Water is one of the basic nourishments our body needs to keep it healthy and young.

2.     Eat Greens: Oh! it seems boring but you’ll have to depend upon green eatables if really wanna have a glowing and shining face. Benefits of eating fruits and vegetables are endless. So, just go market and have some greens today!!

3.    Stretch up your muscles: Lazy persons can’t dream to be beautiful. Any one who rests a lot is responsible if he/she loses his youthful figure. Stay active and try dance (which I do), sports of whatever is your passion.

4.     Rejuvenating: Say bye bye to stress and tension... as they both are the beauty eaters. A person can look much older than she really is just because she’s stressed all the time. Give yourself enough time for relaxation.

These are some useful tips for you guys to follow if wanna attract your beau or girlfriend and wanna have a cool & sizzling personality. Take Care


11 Responses to “Beautify yourself with the help of Nature!!”

  1. Happy said

    I don’t think one need to do any kinda painting on his / her face…person is beautiful as is. yes its good to have pimple / scar free face… drinking lots of water for clear skin really works.
    I never use anything except vaseline for skin purposes…not sure of any of my 2 girlfriends but both have neat – clean faces I know.

  2. wow!!! 2 2 girlfriends…. gr8 hai!!!

    ask them what’s secret of their neat n clean faces… would like to know!!! after all… me to wanna have a fresh face…

    one definitely need painting on face… otherwise no one will look at u????????

  3. happy i will kill you said

    I don’t care how many girlfriends you have, look just tell about blog nothing about you , your girlfriend etc..

  4. sHIKHA said


    i am a simple girl so use just 3 face washes, 2 day creams, 1 night cream and soap twice a day!

  5. Sukhi said

    Raj kya hai???

    kitna personal ques poosh rahi hai???
    mera wardrob beauty products se bhara hua hai… secret of my beauty 🙂

  6. arey vaah! Ms. Seedi Saadi….. 3+2+1+2… a very lil collection of unnecessary stuff…

    Take care sweetu… its too much!

  7. Mandeep said

    Oh God, ye gals & beauty products, both are made for each other:D… boys dont care

  8. Well, sorry to someone

    Friends… actually one of ur comments hurt one of my visitors so i’d like to apologize to him…

    sorry, if it hurts… i do promise it’ll never happen in future!!!!

  9. Sam said

    bhaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ki likhiye

    beauty tips taan mainu vi chahide aaa

  10. well, you’ll have to pay a tuition fee, if wanna learn beauty tips 🙂

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