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Something i was waiting for…..

Posted by Webmistress on August 19, 2008

Hi Buddies…

well, today’s post is not subject centric, I mean no Hills and no tattles about Natural Beauty!!

Then, what’s up… actually its the day to say me CONGRATS! Why….. hey, its me the EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH this time!! Got an award which i was expecting from the last 2-3 months… today i grabbed it! WOW!!! let’s celebrate this toady’s biggest event…

Actually, award means that someone notices your performance and it also proves that u r doing well…. would like to say a heartiest THANKS to everyone who directly and indirectly helped me out throughout my career…. list contains Hundreds of name so would specify each n every name… if you’re reading this… then, a thanks also goes to you!

Every colleague wants a grand bash after today’s achievement… definitely they should, i think they deserve it!! Tomorrow will be day of celebrations….. so, what about you say Congrats to me!!!


15 Responses to “Something i was waiting for…..”

  1. Happy said

    congrats..and I want a party tomorrow. No easy escape this time and no hawaii excuses…sir yeh nahin hai- voh nahin hai..etc etc..

    Hope you wanna win more such gold medals.

  2. yeah sure…. no excuses…. no escapes and no pranks!

    Party will be there… what u wanna have in the treat??? Also some parties are still pending on ur side too!

  3. guess said


    Congratsssssssss so finally achieved what u were waiting for [:)]

    all the very best


    i cnt come for a treat but thoda cake meri taraf se bhi kha lena


  4. Sukhi said

    congrats Raj, when is the party time??

    Kya hai yeh, akele hi celebrate kar liya??

  5. Mandeep said

    party, party, party, party, partyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


  6. Mandeep said

    party, party, party, party, partyyyyyyyyy, party, once again PARTY


  7. Sam said

    your accomplishments………..

    got jealous, it’s not good to prove yourself again & again …

    just joking di, congrats!

  8. sHIKHA said

    Congrats dear πŸ™‚

  9. THANKS to All of u….. my saroooooooos

    it all happened just coz of ur care n concern… take care of me always!

  10. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. congrats!!! said

    Hey you didn’t approved my comments…tell me why???

  12. Sam said


    congratasssssssssssssssss so finally achieved what u were waiting
    best of luck

  13. Thanx a lot dear!!!!!!!

    u take care n all the very best for upcoming future… love u πŸ™‚

  14. Sam said

    allllll theeeeeeee veryyyyyyyyy besttttttttttttttt

  15. vijay said


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