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Hotels in Kasauli- Himachal Pradesh

Posted by Webmistress on August 31, 2008

Well, if you do have some plans to visit Kasauli this fall, then, I’d like to suggest you some must visit places where Natural Beauty resides and would also like to tell where you should stay to make your Kasauli visit an unforgettable as well as luxurious one.

First of all, let’s have a look at the places in Kasauli that you must see. I’m also gonna tell you about my favorite places there. The most visited place in Kasauli is Monkey Point, a home to monkeys. If you wanna have a sound knowledge about Monkey Point, then please go here

Then is an ancient Christ Church, definitely it’s a worth seeing Place on the Upper Mall Road. When we last visited Kasauli, this Church was not allowed to see due to some official reasons so we didn’t enter into the Church. But really, the Building is an ancient one and is an example of the luxurious life style of the British Rulers.    Next is a market at Mall Road, selling many routine needs stuff. You can have anything you need in the market, if have enough dollars in your pocket.

Where to stay in Kasauli

Kasauli Resorts, Kasauli: Its cool place where each room has a private balcony, sun decked terraces, green lawns, restaurants with bar, table tennis and innumerous indoor games etc.Just a 90 minute cool drive from Chandigarh will let you there. Here’s a look:

Bliss Resorts, Kasauli: Bliss resort is located 4 km away from Garkhal and is centrally located from visits to places like Shimla, Kasauli, Chail, Pinjore Gardens and Kufri etc. The luxurious rooms and beautiful interior designing will not let you move of this marvelous place. Here’s a glance:

Kasauli Regency: Kasauli Regency is situated at a height of 5600 feet on Kasauli and the resort offers you some of the best accommodations in Kasauli and has 6 spacious rooms & 3 very spacious suites. Here’s a bird’s eyeview:

SO, these are some of the very best places to stay in Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh and if you wanna have some more details on these places as such Accommodations charges etc, you can contact me.


16 Responses to “Hotels in Kasauli- Himachal Pradesh”

  1. Captain leo davison said

    great pics. I found after searching for kasauli on dogpile. visit this cozy location last month. Let me tell u a ery popular story of the town there , I am not sure if its a truth or cooked but ..theres a rich guy .multi billionare….who earn it all when he was 21 and learning to fly..but then his father told him not to touch that money….as its cursed and keep away from anything related to it…he try initially but then left it. He then come to kasuli living very simple this is whats best for him…

    well…..I try to find him but unsuccessful..see if u ever go there and got him…. then be simple and don’t play around any money game…..

  2. Well, i’ve visited Kasauli many times n never heard such kinda story before, but if u r saying then, may be it would be.
    As i have no plans to visit kasauli in near future so don’t whether i’ll see that guy or not??? But whenever i’ll be there, i’ll definitely look for him, can u please tell me more about him n how was ur experience in that cozy location. didn’t face any monkey tragedy as my friend did during our visit to Kasauli.

  3. Sukhi said

    boring post!
    why this on your lovely blog????

  4. Mandeep said

    we’ll stay at Bliss resorts if Aman will go with me please please usse baat karo 🙂
    maine kasauli resort to dekha hai, its very luxurious and when we were there, poori payment jiju ne ki, bechare kangal ho gye the

  5. Soman22 said

    i did not like any of the above resorts!
    i never stay in kausauli as jab ek din mein vapis aa sakte ho to nite arrangements r useless
    u tell hve you ever stayed there???

  6. sHIKHA said


    but can you please give us some more names and details and what about the last statement of your post? Contact me ha ha ha

  7. Well, Ms. Somu, take ur advices with u!
    if u never stayed there, it doesn’t mean ppl don’t stay in Kasauli.
    i didn’t stay in kasauli as i was having time shortage! if i’ll hve good enough time, then i’ll definitely stay there, in Kasauli resorts

  8. Mandeep, this is wht i like abt you!

    JIJU ki bahut watt lagate ho, cool personality and really very adorable person with a sweet smile on face!

  9. Sergey said

    To like me this post…

  10. Posts and posts are every where but boring posts are rare thanks for sharing this most successive boring post here.

  11. posts and posts are everywhere but such kinda boring posts are rare.

    Thanks for sharing this most sensational rocking boring posts.

    I am sure that it would definetely entertain HAPPY(Captain)

    What do you think Captain narinder?

  12. Thanks…

    it simply means that u read all those boring posts… thanx for reading.

    don’t know what happy will say, but i think your taste is very very very stupid. thats why alll these posts do seem bore, its not my mistake… change urself coz my blog will have such kinda boring posts ever.

  13. Happy said

    Hii raj…cool blog post…..whos this chakde……..I love yaa place…je karta hai vahin kahin ghar bana ke settle ho jaou….wanna want to run away from some cool place like that……yep !

  14. Arvind Attri said

    hi friends Do visit the PINEKONEZ garden when you are in kasauli next time and enjoy the view of the CHUD DHAR MOUNTAIN

  15. pinekonez said

    Your Trip to kasauli is incomplete without visiting the famous souvenir shop PINEKONEZ , ul find exclusive ceramic mugs and antique jewellery and lots more

  16. vikas said

    if visiting kasauli try to get booking for parsonage heritage near church of england if u really want to see heritage structure then stay in 150 years old parsoange heritage

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