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Let’s have a look…..

Posted by Webmistress on September 15, 2008

While stumblimg through some site i’ve found some worth-sharing pictures, defining the literal beauty so i am here to share with you buddies.  

Isn’t it coool?? Here’s teh second pic…

Would you like to have an opportunity to stand n shout in teh middle of this flowing blue water… well, i definitely would like to have and what would i shout? Hey! its me….

Any guesses? What it is…. these are the sea shells at the sea shore. It reminds me one sentence which our teacher used to help our pronunciation- “SHE SELLS SEA SHELLS AT SEA”.

Okay, tell me honestly how many of you would like to sit on these rocks? Who’d like to sail on teh ship? Can you see that yellow flagged yacht……..Hey just love nature and Nature’s literal beauty. Nature is what helps to forget teh worries of life and teaches us how to be HAPPY even when disasters do happen…..

Just remember…. Troubles are the integral part of life and facing them with cheerfulness is the way to live long! Nature is our best guide… see storms hit but sea always goes on…….  Try to be like a sea which does’t care about teh Hurricanes.


15 Responses to “Let’s have a look…..”

  1. Sandy said

    What a nice imagination…….

    lucky me to visit this blog! Let it rock

  2. Mandeep said

    First post which attracted me a lot!
    Cool collection, i asked aman to see. let us see what she says?

  3. Sam said

    Today, the caption of your blog seems ok. yeh sari pics kaha se chori ki. Just kidding, loved the third pic, u know there was a girl named ghoga in our school. it menas sea shell. and the yelloe flagged yacht, can you send me a close-up?

  4. Aman said

    Hey raj!
    Be a lecturer, you have all qualities. How to make everyone understand…. yeh to koi appse seekh le

    🙂 by teh way, post is cool and if am give chance i will say….’wow!!!!!! i love GNE”

  5. Thanks…. what r ur plans for next year admisiion.. PG karni hai ya bye bye to studies!
    Man and Aman… what’re your future plans? Hope, we’ll see you in nest sem. if your stupid plans get kicked off…..
    Ha ha ha

  6. Happy said

    2nd last seems cool. what’s that….

  7. jaanvi said

    hey vijay,

    Don’t have words to define dese places….!!!

    Just Breathtakingly Gorgeous!!!!!

  8. Deepika said

    Nice! Pretty cool…. Beauty of nature is extremely cool

  9. Aman said

    Are, what a pretty theme ……good choice
    yeh wala is better than pehle wala
    it’d be good if you change the green color, yeh suit nahi karta

  10. Mandeep said

    what the hell you are saying?
    green means greenery, it is ok
    but raj, you have a great choice, idiot yeh theme pehle kahan tha?

  11. Tan tanannanan…

    hey listen… its my blog n i’ll do whatever i want n whenever i want
    so mandeep, keep your suggetions with u….
    just kidding…. well, your comments told me how oftenly u visit literal beauty

  12. Karan said

    Good theme Raj. well do well more than it for your nice blog.recently i got an idea that i will make a blog on wordpress but i am thinking about domain, and also confuse what to buy…..what about

  13. Hi Karan, is a cool domain name.. r u gonna buy it or will do it on wordpress?

    you can also have or
    what about…… go with anyone u want!

  14. chakdefattekudiye said

    well nothing left here to be commented except on the theme here.

  15. then, comment on this theme!
    is it oky or should i change it?

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