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Flowers…. representing BEAUTY literally!

Posted by Webmistress on November 3, 2008

Literal Beauty remained ‘not updated yet’ for so many days. Actually, i was out of station and today i am back so literalbeauty is also back with a new post.

Well, guys yesterday i was sitting in a park and i saw roses tossing their heads in the breezing water. How pretty they were…i mean, i stared at those flowers for more than an hour and during that hour, i felt so relaxed and it really gave me tons of  piece of mind. Roses actually do have a strong relationship with me. The first write up which i wrote to get my current job, was about Roses. i wrote and everyone liked it too much. Apart from this, once a wrote a poem on flowers, especially roses and my mama laughed for 10 minutes after hearing that…. but still, i love flowers and especially roses.

Both, male and female like flowers. Women like it because they are used to make beauty products and also they represent sweetness and cuteness. Men like it just on Valentine’s Day (when it comes to gift it to their girl friend)….

On wedding day, bride and bridegroom, both love to have flowers in their bed room, car, church, and girls even wear dresses made of flowers. We all do this all, because Flowers are the ones which are sent on earth by God, through which we can express how do we feel. White roses may represent grief… but still they’re flowers and they just try continuously to make our life a perfect one, and a beatiful one with their sweetness and innocence… that’s what i do call ‘Literal Beauty’ …

And yeah, whenever u get some free time, just next to a flower n feel the little drew drops…. and then reply me, how was the experience

Flowers' literal Beauty!




17 Responses to “Flowers…. representing BEAUTY literally!”

  1. Sushil said

    Yeah sure!! i never thought that i will find a good friends here, but now i feel my self great!! i am glad to be your friend. and what to say about your post?? what i will say that would be very little. and we all doesn’t compare your art. it’s your and it’s your crazyness for nature by being with you, i going to crazy for nature. make it up!! me always with you where you call me.

  2. thanx sushil….
    i m lucky to have caring frnds like u, u made my stay at ldh an unforgettable an n easy one… love u all!

  3. searching for love said

    i think u both should glad to feel that u r mine friend.

    I am a gem which is as precious as u can’t think of it no…no don’t be jealous because its against friendship and nobody can think more than u about it as u have so many posts on friendship.

    well one thing i would like to ask u webmistress that what we should do if one falls in love with his/her friend.

    Should he tell him/her?


    Just should need to take things in mind forever and keep the friendship relation continue?

    Answer honestly as i believe u so much and also know that u try to be different then what u think.

  4. Yeah Mr. Precious gem, we both feel lucky to have as our best frnd. 🙂

    Well, i’d say that we should nver fall in love for someone whom we consider as a frnd bcoz love is vry stupid kind of relationship where u can’t express ur self n u try to adjust as per ur partner’s wishes. But on the otherhand, in case of frnds, u do whatever u want without caring wht ur frnds want n they still love u n understand u.

    Even then, if u have feelings for sum1, then never expose them, bcoz it’d definitely ruin ur relationship. Being a good frnd is much better n relixible than being a lover.

    well, that’s RD’s thinking… i know tume boring lagi hogi

  5. what’s searching for love…. end ur search n find a good gal for u.
    well, i’ve some options, if u want u can ask me

  6. searching for love said

    but one thing i would like to make u very very clear that u don’t have rights to say that love is a stupid kind of relation if u don’t have feelings for someone.

  7. searching for love said

    no i don’t think that i need to ask u as i never asked u before that which kind of girl i should go for ?

    and if u think that its a stupid relation then why are u here to tell peoples about their perfect partner.

  8. searching for love said

    i know its u who love to enjoy shows watching as a audience not being a character.

  9. searching for love said

    and i also know that u are a content writer thats why u know how to express different then real.

    like download free????????

  10. Ramy said

    Wazz Up! Hello dear!

    Well i am speech less after reading your views on literal beauty. No doubts about the way you have expressed beauty is just perfect. In fact, i like flowers too, but not specially for valentines, coz thatz the only day wen i don purchase rosez. hahaha It’s really good to hav met a beautiful person like ya!

    So just keep writtin and i’ll keep reading along with my compliments!

    Tr to come up with your views on “Humanity” i am sure would be terrific.

  11. searching for love said

    i think someone……..?????

    just vanisheddddddddddddddddddddddd

  12. whos vanisssshhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeedddddddddddddddd????

    why r u so angry? (mujhko tere chehre-face pe yeh gam nahi aacha lagta)

    cheer up idiot…. itna jealous health ke liya aacha nahi!

  13. humanity……… god sav me please!

    readers will kill me, if i’ll ever do tht

  14. searching for love said

    well i am not showing anger i am just feeling bad at your childish attitude some time especially when i expect some thing from u.

    you always said that you do expect more then others from me.

    but whats about my expectations?

  15. searching for love said

    ridzzzzzzzz u rockssssss no body can be as u r and no body will i think (except of me)

  16. loveguru said

    Chup karo yaro………. Bus kush rehna sikho.

  17. mae said

    wazzz up!!!!

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