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Literal Beauty’s New Year Celebrations!

Posted by Webmistress on January 1, 2009

Well, 2008 has slipped away from our hands and we all have welcomed 2009 with open arms. I wish you guys will  have happiness and prosperity throughout the year ahead and may your all wishes come true. HAPPY NEW YEAR from your very own literal beauty.

What did you do this new year eve? well, I didn’t celebrate it like most of you buddies. My way of new year celebration was somehow special and unique. I took my laptop, went upstairs, took a chair and sat on roof. OMG….. it was so cold and my hands were froze. It was approximately 9:45 PM. After the first 15 minutes, I felt like my hands were not with me and I was just shivering with cold and it was 10:00PM when my sweet (haha) aunt came to me asked me,what i was doing there in such a severe cold. I replied that I would be inside very soon, you please go and sleep. She went believing I would go to bed soon.

Hey…. but my plans were superb and i was not ready to spoil the new year eve at any cost. Initially, the severe cold forced me to drop out the idea but an inner voice (which always helps me in such circumstances) encouraged me to sat there and do what I had decided. Then, there was a little change in plan and i had to got up to have a cup of coffee. After it, i was back on my chair with laptop in my lap. Next, I started writing about what i lost/achieved during 2008 and believe me, time spend so speedily and i didn’t know when new year arrived at our home. I stopped writing when  when my phone started ringing at 12:03 .


And, it was the fantstic night of my life. I realized how beautiful nature can be when it’s midnight and how much pleasing it can be to write when there is no visibility due to fog. I have the whole stuff written with me, will share with you buddies some day. It was mine way of celebrating new year in the lap of nature and feeling the literal beauty! You can share yours’ through comments…….i m waiting!


7 Responses to “Literal Beauty’s New Year Celebrations!”

  1. HI Rajdeep this is Tarun here..Well nice way to celebrate the new year eve and quite different too. But dont make it habit to sit in the fog at night coz it is not gud for ur laptop(haha).nywayz nice post and really good pics in all posts…i read the new year post only rest i will see later and send u the comments…

  2. Shikha said

    I went to Hot millions and have a great bash with Deepu, Sunil and aman all!
    we all missed u dear

  3. Gagan said

    Hi Raj…

    nice way to celebrate new year. i was with your jiju in bti and it was nice new new year here

  4. Thanks Tarun for ur valuable words abt my blog.
    keep visiting n i think my blog will always give u something interesting, relevant to natural beauty, to read! 🙂

    Looking for ur next comment…hahha

  5. Adymat said

    Nice Blog

    Keep it up…:D

  6. baljeet said

    hi bebo…..

    how ru?

  7. harish said

    It is good idea. it is very nice.

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