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Celebrate your Honeymoon in lap of nature!

Posted by Webmistress on January 27, 2009

Well, if you’re an Indian and are recently married one, then, i guess this blog post would surely be your cup of tea. Not cup of tea actually, but a delicious and yummy dinner…okay, not getting off-centre…

As we all know, India is a country with more -than- huge geographical land. And, if offers thousands of sweet options to newly weds to choose and to celebrate the most precious and wonderful days of their lives. Everyone’s open to choose the place according to his/her likings and nature. This post is especially for those who want to make their Honeymoon, a hilly one! Give a quick start to the newest phase of your life on the zig-zag roads or snowy grounds!


Guys, it’s a fact that Honeymoon is always beautiful and enjoying but adding a little more spice would make it rocking. If i am true, then, let me tell you that there’sno place better than hills to celebrate your Honeymoon. Hills represent literal beauty and when you’ll enjoy the wonderful days of your life with nature’s blessing, trust me, enjoyment would surely be on its extreme!

Okay, if’ve already decided to celebrate your Honeymoon in hills, then, the best (actually bestest in India) places are arjeeling, Kodaikanal, Srinagar, Shimla, Nainital, Manali, Mount Abu, Gangtok etc. No issues which month you get married and plan your honeymoon,weather is always pleasent and naughty! Here’s the website which you can visit to know more about above mentioned places!

So, what’re your plans…..hey, i guess…. suggestion is not bad πŸ™‚



14 Responses to “Celebrate your Honeymoon in lap of nature!”

  1. harish said

    koi dhang ka article submit karo

  2. Love said

    Hey, your ideas are g8 but haven’t got any soulmate yet…But wanna enjoy my Honeymoon time at Srinagar.

  3. tarundeep said

    Hi Rajdeep once again….everyone wish to spend those special moments at a quite place in the lap of nature where ever it may be. I like the hilly areas too. But I think the places u have mentioned are now just too crowdy as lot of people use to visit there and causing immense pollution there. there is no difference between a city on a plane and those areas..So i think i have to find some different place till then….hahahhaha

  4. Hina Sharma said

    Hhhmmmm honeymoon? what an idea sir ji? I would like to write that your thoughts specially on Honeymoon are unique and really appreciable. Even, I will like to celebrate my honeymoon in a good hill’s station. I have already chosen Nainital as ‘My ‘place for these auspicious and unforgettable days of my life. You always come up with new ideas. Your blog has forced me to dream of my upcoming wonderful days of honeymoon.Wowww it would really be a great fun when I would enjoy my time with my life in the lap of nature and even try river rafting, skeing, paragliding n many more adventurous things…Keep it up Rd…RD RD RD RD……………….Good Work…

  5. harish said

    That is really great idea that why I want to share rivera honeymoon poem

    Rivera Honeymoon

    Beneath the trees I lounged at ease
    And watched them speed the pace;
    They swerved and swung, they clutched and clung,
    They leapt in roaring chase;
    The crowd was thrilled, a chap was killed:
    It was a splendid race.

    Two men, they say, went West that day,
    But I knew only one;
    Geranium-red his blood was spread
    And blazoned in the sun;
    A lighting crash . . . Lo! in a flash
    His racing days were done.

    I did not see – such sights to me
    Appallingly are grim;
    But for a girl of sunny curl
    I would not mention him,
    That English lad with grin so glad,
    And racing togs so trim.

    His motor bike was painted like
    A postal box of ed.
    ‘Twas gay to view . . . “We bought it new,”
    A voice beside me said.
    “Our little bit we blew on it
    The day that we were wed.

    “We took a chance: through sunny France
    We flashed with flaunting power.
    With happy smiles a hundred miles
    Or more we made an hour.
    Like flame we hurled into a world
    A-foam with fruit and flower.

    “Our means were small; we risked them all
    This famous race to win,
    So we can take a shop and make
    Our bread – one must begin.
    We’re not afraid; Jack has his trade:
    He’s bright as brassy pin.

    “Hark! Here they come; uphill they hum;
    My lad has second place;
    They swing, they roar, they pass once more,
    Now Jack sprints up the pace.
    They’re whizzing past . . . At last, at last
    He leads – he’ll win the race.

    Another round . . . They leap, they bound,
    But – where O where is he?”
    And then the girl with sunny curl
    Turned chalk-faced unto me,
    Within her eyes a wild surmise
    It was not good to see.

    They say like thunder-bold he crashed
    Into a wall of stone;
    To bloody muck his face was mashed,
    He died without a moan;
    In borrowed black the girl went back
    To London Town alone.

    Beneath the trees I longed at ease
    And saw them pep the pace;
    They swerved and swung, they clutched and clung
    And roaring was the chase:
    Two men, they say, were croaked that day –
    It was a glorious race.

  6. hey…. thank u all πŸ™‚
    nice to read abt ur Honeymoon plans…….. lage raho munna bhai, abhi to kafi time hai, decide karlo

  7. RD said

    nice post sweetu!

    keep it up! u r really cool……:)

  8. baljeet said

    hey webmistress i am baljeet a huge fan of urs creativity.

    wanna know more about me use this url and u will find me

    shhhhhhhhh…… keep it confidential..

  9. baljeet said

    don’t you liked it that you have not approved my comment yet….

  10. hello, mr. whoever!
    u asked to keep it confidential, i kept it confidential!
    now, u r saying to post it, so i m gonna post it!
    rest of the panga is upto u only now! (No responsibility……….

  11. baljeet said

    what do you mean by whoever i am baljeet you don’t know…..

    well whats about my GF??????

  12. sunny said

    haaaaaaa good

  13. oh plz….. mr baljeet…. i m not interested in ur GF, i think no visitor of literal beauty…. so plz share if anything else u have….. πŸ™‚

    by d way, which gf u r talking abt…. n first of all, WHO U ARE?

  14. sunny said

    honey moon yaar it’s ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooo cccccooooooooooooooooooollllllllllllllllll

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