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Beware of your colleagues…… yeah man!

Posted by Webmistress on February 2, 2009

Yeah, yeah…..why this post here, it’d be striking your mind. Guys, actually, I am curious to write what we pals did today, but don’t have any specific blog for such kinda stuff. Initially, I decided to put it on Tushar’s blog (, my colleague, he runs this blog to mention his everyday office activities. But, then decided to put my stupidities on my very own sweet blog, Literal Beauty!

Guys, today was just an ordinary office day with hectic schedule and tension of achieving targets. Things went on very usually till 4:00 (near about). Unintentionally, I just decided to be a little relax so went out of my cabin. What I saw, pathway was blocked due to some reasons so had to choose the other way. And the trouble began here!


The second way was through HUT(another portion of our office). In hut, the cleverest buddies reside, being very precise- VJ sir, soman sir, bhupi sir ( the ones who failed to defend me today). I was just passing through their cabin and they guys started taunting me…. actually I always took panga first, so was today!

Ultimately, we came to make a bet.  Bet on what (would not explain sorry, coz many office mates would read it)….but me and those cheaters know what that bet was all about. Following the fact that boys are always silly, I offered them the chance to decide what would be the amount of bet. Soman sir….. he decided 200 rs….. done!

They cheaters gave me thirty minutes to accomplish the task and I said that I’d complete it in 15 minutes only. Tried…..took help from several buddies…… n I was about to win………..

But, they gamblers, they got the network wire out, disabling me to access their PC! So, ultimately, they made me realize that I’ve lost the game 😦

But in actual terms, I am the winner win! I really enjoyed them spying on me…. seeing what I was doing….. sending bhupi sir to see what’s going on my PC…….. calling hina mam to know what I was doing….LOL

They people were about to lose, but at the end, they cheated and won the game saying “everything is fair in love an war”….

For me, it was very pleasing and happy experience. They were afraid of me…. however were not showing so…. otherwise what was the need to get the wire out ( you trio can reply here….. cheaters)….

Whatever……. you all are so good and nice people and I am really very lucky to have you all with me….. although  I know, you always try to pull my leg…:)


7 Responses to “Beware of your colleagues…… yeah man!”

  1. soman said

    Hey Hey Hey,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    We are not the ordinary persons, you make a mistake and you choose the wrong guy for your bet. if you select the anybody else like gurdev then i can say that it is an equal-equal game but you choose me for bet that means “samunder main reh k magarmach se vair”.


  2. RDee said

    hahahah…………… LOL

    OMG….. me n bet with gurdev, sorry, i don’t like to play with kids!

    For ur kind information, i chose the right buddy, but at da end, i came to know dat u are CHEATERS………
    Look, if you decide to put step into battle field, then, never adopt unfair means…. fight n win, that’s my strategy! Otherwise, when you use fool ways to win, that’s not winning actually but is a DHoka in real words!
    but 1 thing is here, you all were afraid of me, that’s why you got the wire out…’re somehow sure that RAJDEEP can do so! 🙂

  3. soman said

    I gave you 30 minutes for bet but you said “i will do this in 15 minutes that challenge”……………………….An egoistic comment.

    After the bet time limit is over and you lost the bet.

    But at that moment you called me and said that give me some more time. I took pity on you and increase your time limit. then again you fails.

    And second time you again lost the bet.

    You r so “Stubborn” and you are not accepting it that you had lost the bet.

    Loosing the bet will not affect your repo.
    Bcz failures are major part of your life and you always try to hide this.
    Be strong like a girl -> “don’t cry”.

    When will you give my 200 bucks of bet.


  4. RDee said

    o come on…. soman
    200 means nothing…. bet is bet, as per ur statements, i was teh loser (however i not am) so i was determine to giv u da bet money….
    i just thought to stretch it a little and to giv u money in evening!
    but wht u did in lunch time was somehow unexpected n ridiculous!
    leave it… congrats to u for winning!

  5. soman said

    Its just a part of a joke and you had taken it serious.
    chilled yaaaaaaaaaar.

    Everything is fair in “Love and War”.

    chalo ab kurkure khao.. awaaaaj bhi ani chayie.

    Like karach kaaaaraaaaaaach karrraaaach.
    swad aaaa gaya..

  6. RDee said

    kurkure………… which kurkure you’re talking abt….
    Well, i didn’t take it seriously… i was jus enjoying it… chalo ab ik baar maan lo k tum haar gye……… i wouldn’d tell to any1, promise!

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