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Womanhood, where does it stand in this mail-dominated society?

Posted by Webmistress on March 9, 2009

“A women’s guess is more accurate than a men’s certainty”

IWD (International Women Day), March 8, once again gave a decent feeling of being a young gal and it’s more than enough reason for me to write on the above said topic. Kudos to the women, the pre-requisite of a family, all over the world and wish you all a very Happy Women’s Day J

Without any doubts, Womanhood is bliss and only a woman can understand what it’s like to be a woman. Let me throw a light on some most important relations of this world:

Mama– this is the first word, which we all utter, and which is the purest and the most lovable word, for everyone, no matter which position we’re on and how much amount we monthly earn. Mothers are our guides, source of inspiration, motivation and the ones who’re always there to back us! Ponder over “y and large, mothers and housewives are the only workers who do not have regular time off. They are the great vacation-less class.”

Sisters– Our sister is the next relation, after mama, which we can trust and share the depth of heart. She understands you better and really, when you buy and try a new dress, honest reviews can be from a sister only.

Wife/Beloved– Yeah, she becomes an important part of a man’s life, much later than mama and sis. But as soon as she enters his life, she becomes his better half. Being a human, we all need love (Emotional, Physical) so god made this relation to fulfill our lust for love. Gandhi Ji said “Woman is the companion of man, gifted with equal mental capacity”. How much do you agree with this?

Thus, it’s very apparent that women must be treated as the rulers of this society as expecting a good society without women, is impossible.

I am 21 and working at a good position, pursuing my post graduation. But still, sometimes I wonder over the fact why my parents hesitate me to send out after 11:30 PM and if they do allow, why papa/bro is always there with me?

Everybody, reading this article, would reply ‘Society is not safe for women’ and it actually is not, I know. But, who makes society insecure? The general philosophy is that men are responsible but no, putting the whole blame on them is wrong, women themselves are somewhere.

Gals/women grow up keeping it in mind that they’re inferior to boys/men. Family environment also plays an important role. A gal is always told that she should not compare herself with her bro…. He’s a boy and you are a gal….all this makes her to feel that being a woman is a curse L.

As of now, scenario has been changed a lot and it’s changing. Luckily, we’re not a part of the society where women are not supposed to attend schools, to go out, to even live according to their wishes. Their life is nothing more than staring into NOTHINGNESS!

loveyourselfWanna say proudly ‘Women you’re the devotion’


7 Responses to “Womanhood, where does it stand in this mail-dominated society?”

  1. sumit jain said

    Very Good Posts RD’z.

  2. don't know said

    Good One

    But changes are coming in, for the status of women in the world. SOme for good. SOme for worse.

  3. don't know said


    Good One.
    But the status of women is changing in the world.
    Some for good, and Some for worse

  4. tarun said

    HI RD..The things have been changing now.This world is now far better for women thn in the past.ny ways from where u have took the First line ..I think this is not truth..U thnk me as a man saying this thing…nops…..give me the fact…

  5. Vikas said

    This post is very nice post.Actually….Its very soul touching words you have written here such as related with our relations…I really respect woman because she deserve the respect.I don’t think so without her we can’t expect the world. But… but you don’t think about those types of women s which never wants that girl is born in their houses..Its very sorrow feeling for us that how can women enemy own her cast.You can understand na what i want to say.. i don’t know that i can clear out my words to you or not.
    But this is a very dangerous disease in our society..

  6. Ridz said

    See, as I have already written, women themselves are responsible for their present condition. It’s vry apparent that it was women members of the family who never wanted to have a gal child born to their bahu/beti… whatever! So, women used to kill womanhood itself. Now, things are changing and have changed a lot… hopefully, dis curse would be out of ur society if the young generations continued to oppose the injustice !

  7. Vikas said

    Hi Ridzi….!Actually from some days i heard such kind of news like female Foeticide..Do you know about that..First time i am feeling so sad and the reason is only this dangerous (female Foeticide) if you really wants to create a literal beauty then make a one blog depends upon Female Foeticide…I know this is not a big step to stop this nonsense thing but but……!

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