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And, i saw literal Beauty in Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh

Posted by Webmistress on April 29, 2009

Hi buddies! Hows going?

Well, It has been so long since i post anything here on our very sweet Literal Beauty. Actually, I was kinda very busy, exams, exams and exams!Schedule was too hectic, so hectic that didn’t get some time to pen in something here regarding literal beauty!

But, today I can’t stop myself from logging in and writing this post. Me, along with someones specials in my life, went to Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh on April 25th, 2009. It was an official trip, consisting of approximately 36 people. And, trust me, it was one of the amazing days of my life. It was the third time i visited Kasauli, Monkey Point. First time, i was with family; second time, i was with my college mates and this time, i was with colleagues and my best friends as well.

Visiting Monkey Point, Kasauli was like a dream coming true for me. Because, i had no plans till 24th April, 2009 but then, I had to prepare myself because Sushil (one of my best friends & colleague) used to say that ‘kabhi kabhi doosro ki khushi ke liye b kuch karna chayiye‘. Hence, this trip was my dedication to the ones who wanted me to be with them in their precious moments.

As very usual, I captured in numerous photographs, some are here for you to enjoy!



These photographs are of Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh, captured with my Nokia 3110 Classic while we’re coming back from Monkey Point. Lots of other things are to be expressed and share with you buddiesso would write another post. Here, you just enjoy the views of the hill station that i love most-

Literal Beauty in kasauli

Literal Beauty in kasauli

Another view of Literal Beauty

Another view of Literal Beauty

And, it also means Literal Beauty

And, it also means Literal Beauty

Hey, i do have hundreds of photos to add here but space issues are coming in the way. Thus, let me go and find some solution πŸ™‚ Do comment in and let me your say about Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh!

I’d be back soon to share my other experiences of Literal Beauty in Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh. Till then, have a rocking time and enjoy yourself….bye!


17 Responses to “And, i saw literal Beauty in Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh”

  1. Kumar said

    There was very exciting trip and i was sure that without you, ” there is no happiness and fun, hey look never say ‘No’ to us if we go to somewhere as we went out.

    And It was so truthful what you written in your blog with my name tag.

    we enjoyed and you too as you told, but when you were going on the road lonely i was afraid that how can she go? anyway i was got you with others and then i feel good. actually, i care my friends but i never shows that.

  2. Bhupinder Singh said

    Hello TC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well thts a good blog posted and a good effort as you always do.yeah you are right,if somebody wants to see the beauty of nature than this is a good place to visit.we all friends had a great fun over there.We(Soman,Me,Vijay,Pavittar,Ajay and Sushil) really enjoyed a lot especially after we had our lunch.sushil had done a very pretty good thing over there that made us laugh and tht is unforgettable.we had grt snapshots over there.if you will see our snaps than only you can know how much we had enjoyed.

    • Hey Bhupinder,

      thanks for ur nice words.
      i really want to know what Sush did after lunch as he’s saying that ‘maine to kuch b nahi kiya’?

      let me know what it was, i am getting curious to know?
      anyways, we people enjoyed a lot.. let’s see when would we go out next time! πŸ™‚

  3. Mandeep said

    tusi pher kasauli gaye, monkey point te mainu miss kita k nahi?
    i remember day when we go there, barish v ho rahi c, is var mausam kida c and kuch hor v share karo madam g

  4. solanki said

    how was the experience to visit your favorite hill station?
    i want to see some more photos

  5. Gaggz said

    hai didi you have come back now tell me how was your day in kasauli?

  6. unknows said

    Kasauli is such a nice place to visit.
    it’s not extraordinary that you enjoyed there, everybody who goes to kasauli, himachal pradesh enjoys his trip.
    Just to let you know, kasauli is my favorite hills station as well. You have been there for 3 times only, but i have visited monkey point kasauli several times.
    a good post!

  7. Joker said

    Thank you! I would now go on this blog every day!

  8. Hi, nice post. I have been pondering this issue,so thanks for writing. I will certainly be subscribing to your posts.

  9. Oblivious Vagabond said


    Donno how i reached here but cudn’t resist to pen down something, feeling nostalgic about me and my bygone days. I am a travel professional by profession in NCR at a Senior -Mgmt position in a MNC.

    I am not Himachali, i am from eastern india. First time ever i went to himachal was in July 02′ with college friends for a mountain escapades at Mcleodganj. Had a blast with friends, smoking hash, local drinks, and never realised that 6 days were gone. Passed out of College , start my career in NCR, dreamy and all full of passion, again i visited Mcleodganj in Dec 03′ alone, all by myself with my bike. It was dark, rainy, snowy, and i reached the same wooden old place where we stayed. The old man, he recognised me and opened the door. A wooden room, wooden fireplace, and we two person in the dark mountain lodge. I still remember that coffee smell , I woke up next day at noon, i was so exhausted. He was a retd, army Major, his wife died long ago, also abandoned by his Son long ago, who lives comfortably in Delhi with Wife, but two brilliant German shepard and this huge property. We become friends.He told me his lifes journey. His money obsessed son. He stopped charging me for rooms, but i used to pay for all the food and tit-bits. I trekked to triund, Indrahara Pass, came back and left for concrete gurgaon. It was 2003. We were in touch over the phone once in a blue moon.

    Jan 2005 – I again reached Mcleodganj, I had a 2nd hand Maruti Zen by then. Things had changed. So many new projects, hotels, guest houses, everywhere. I found my place. The Old man was sick visibly. Age & cold was catching up onto him. I took him to a doctor one day. I made breakfast for him. His dogs were quiet and they recognised me i guess. Again i went to Triund in heavy snow. A new wooden house has come up. Up from there Dharamshala is looking different than last time. I came back. I gave old man 2 rum bottles, ask him to take medicine on time. He was taking about his son when i left the next morning.

    31st Dec 2005 – Me again went to Himachal ( Bus ) To Chamba. Sirmour. Stayed in the forest guest house. Started climbing towards Dhauladhar, and finally Indrahara and climb down to Dharamkot and Mcleodganj in more than 10 ft snow. Took 6 days and all the skills i knew off. Reached the old mans’ home, it was dark, his dogs are not there, and it was locked, and I am totally exhausted and cant walk 10 mtr more. I remembered he kept a spare keys in the tree birch. It was still there. I went in. Made tea, sugar wasnt there, slept in the floor in my sleeping bag in the outside room. Woke up late, found no one nearby, packed everything, deliberately slow thinking if someone comes, then came down, ask the only shop about him, they said he went somewhere 3-4 days ago with his dog in a pick up van. It seems he was very sick. I left in his table, half bottle of unused rum, 1-1/2 pack of Classic mild ciggerate and a small note with my changed mobile number.

    2006 i spent abroad with my official work, shifted to Bangalore in Jan 2007, Came back to NCR in Sept 2007 and headed for Mcleodganj in Feb 2008. Alone. I have a Ford car now.

    Reached around 11am, and couldnt believe i am at Mcleodganj. Everything has changed in these 3 yrs. New Hotel, Disco, loud music, dying tibetan influenec, dying tara cafe, no more authentic thenthuk, and Indians all around. Reached Vagsu, parked my car, and saw up, and got amazed. Jungles are gone, mobile towers everywhere, No snow in triund, and i started walking towards where i always stayed. 3 hours almost, not so fit me anymore, and i reached, and couldnot find the place. Instead i saw a modern 3 story brick cement Hotel !! I was confused.

    Went in, a young lady, 3 foreigners, and a savvy dressed guy looked at me, at the same time. He asked me if i am new to this place !!! I asked about the old man and the old log wood hut. The savvy guy stood up, and said, ” Oh, he died long ago, i ve redone this place with interior decorator from delhi and made this a profitabel hotel where anyone can stay in peace “….. my name is ***** i am his son, i only stay here few days and i live in Delhi only !!!! I stood there probably for more than 2 minutes, couldnt master courage to shake hands with the successful businessman, say thanks and start walking down, oblivious to the surroundings, people, and everything. Saw 2 german sheperd in the caged garden, just whistle them and they came running and shouting, but strangely when they came near, they wag their tails and they recognised me…i knelt down and keep patting them, i guess a few tear drops rolled down, but don know why….The guy came out and asked in a strange voice…”wow, they are friendly with you ?? Strange, they are so ferocious and dangerous…we dont touch them even…!!” I was blank and said nothing…Went down, start my car and left Mcleodganj…. Never went again and i guess will never be.

    Jan 2009 – Went to Manali, Manikaran and Kalga & Pulga, driving myself. Himachal is changing and has changed a lot. Don know for good or bad. But somewhere i have read, that our ancestors were bigger and better people than us, and were happier. I believe in it now.

    Sorry, if it was too big and trash. Just thought of releasing the unknown pain a bit….Thanks, whoever you are….

  10. @ the above one…..

    Well, honestly confessing, it was such a long comment that it tke 15 minutes to come to end. thanks fr giving me teh longest ever comment for my blog.

    As i have read, you drove to Mclodganj on your bike……….i can guess, how good feelings it might have given to you! hey me too have dreams to go there sitting on the backseat of someone special’s bike….just waiting:)

    i never have been to Mclodganj, hopefully my next destination in Himachal Pradesh would be the same…….please continue visiting and penning in your nice words.

    • Oblivious Vagabond said

      Hi Unknon,

      Thanks Mistress…I know it was big, kinda huge and thanks again for reading…I think its better of you delete it now…I wrote it in a low key mind, let my vision and pain be mine…

      Thanks again…


      • so u r Amit,

        hey….thanks for coming back here and jotting down πŸ™‚

        You please don’t ask me to delete it…..i wanna it be dere, plzzzzzzz

        And, by the way, why did you say ‘PAIn’, i guess, having such kinda craze for hills is noway similar to pain etc….its craze actually….

        thanks to u! would like to have sum more comments

  11. sim said

    kasauly is such a gorgeous place
    i would like to go there

  12. Hi Mistress,

    Just got back from a whirlwind trip of Rhotang in 4 days..It was amazing..

    Posting three pictures for you..Hope you are doing good in life.. (Crossing Rhotang ) ( Way to Keylong) ( This is the road to the top of Malana Village )

    Take care.. Amit

  13. hey Amit, how r u doing nowadays, hopefully life would b rocking…

    thanks a ton fr sharing such a nice collection of photographs wid me. wen i first watched dose photos, my reaction was “OMG! can nature be really so gorgeous?” its just breathtakingly awesome…
    have no wrds to express my thanks, dese r da best photos i ve ever see in my life yet!

    TC, have a blasting time

  14. saloniz said

    Hey … just visited Kasauli and share your view completely…an amazingly beautiful place which can let one be…

    would love to go again …

    n do visit Mcleodganj and try and stay in a place called Naddi…its awesome … an experience worth all the distance!

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