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Jab We Met, the always freshy movie!

Posted by Webmistress on May 13, 2009

AND, this Sunday also was with my favorite celebrities, Shahid and Kareena Kapoor, wathcing Jab we Met!

For me, Jab We Met, the movie in which Shahid Kapoor (Aditaya) & Kareena Kapoor did a marvelous job, is never mind-numbing. I watched Jab We Met today, once again, honestly have no track how many times I’ve watched it, it’s always entertaining and refreshing.

The movie, with no doubts, did a great business throughout India and raked in much more than the investments of the producers. From fans’ point of view, Jab We Met has everything which we always like to have from Indian Cinema, very precisely, romance, friendship, emotional drama, family issues etc. And, I loved Jab We Met for its relevance to my favorite hill station, Manali, Himachal Pradesh.

And, Geet, the character portrayed by Kareena Kapoor in Jab We Met, has the same love and craze for hills as I do have. When I watched Jab We Met for the first time, I was stunned to see how crazy, that gal is, for hills and my bro gave me the complement, ‘it’s just you’…..everybody knows what a hills station, like Manali, means for me J

Geet falls in love with a boy, Anjuman, who resides in Manali, her dream hill-station and the reason for such feeling is just his stay there. Though Anjuman failed to accede to her wishes, but has an important part to play in the premise of the movie.

Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh and Manali, Himachal Pradesh are my favorite hill stations. Jab we Met has innumerous scenes filmed in Manali, especially the one in which Aditaya leaves Geet so that she can go to his dream boy Anjuman. OMG…..did you notice the background? It was awesome, with snow laden hills…… tons of greenery….. I do fall in love with such scenes!

Watching Geet in Jab We Met gave me a nice feeling and I realized that it’s not only me- who experience something crazy, means getting out of control and losing the normal senses (it’s not being abnormal,okay)  in lap of hills, some others do share the same characteristic.  My favorite song of Jab We Met:

This song is awesome, with help from Kareena, Shahid, long roads, high mountains, Hills’ residents, sweet music, brillinat lyrics. Hey…… need to have a HILLY HEART, to feel the feelings expressed there, so sorry if you didn’t find anything special in it….stay tuned:)


8 Responses to “Jab We Met, the always freshy movie!”

  1. vishav said

    i just gone through the above, it is interesting to know such information about u. actually my one of fav hill station is Manali and kasauli. I had already been 2-3 time in mananli and like to go there again n again. as u briefed above, now it has created a curiousity in me to watch this movie JWM. great yaar!

  2. unknows said

    Hey….. wht to say?
    Aaao Milo Chale is the most rocking song of Jab we Met. Though the rest is also fine, Nagada, nagada, Aaagoe jab tum, Yeh Ishq are also cool but dis one is filmed in vry serene location.

    And, that road (dey show in the video)is so breathtaking!

  3. naz said

    can anyone tell me where this place was in which Aditya leaves Geet so that she can go to his dream boy Anjuman as I have planned my holiday to manali just after falling in love with the fil and the film locations…….

  4. naz said

    can anyone tell me where this place was in which Aditya leaves Geet so that she can go to his dream boy Anjuman as I have planned my holiday to manali just after falling in love with the fil and the film locations.

  5. Well, exact location….don’t know yaar 😦
    is anybdy here who has prevously been there?

  6. gorgeous said

    Where is the rest songs of Jab We Met?
    Kareena Kapoor Images with Shahid Kapoor in Jab We Met?
    help me to watch Jab We Met movie filmed in Rohtang? Shahid in jab we met luks cool than karenna in jab we met!

  7. Jimmy said

    wats up buddies?
    yeh bahut purani movie hai, sevarl other movies aa gayi hai shahid kappor ki jab we met ke baad, nayi add karo plz!
    kareena b kam nahi lag rahi jab we met mein, yeh ishq ki video nahi dekhi hai kya?

  8. coolest gal said

    not only yeh ishq, jab we met ke sare songs hi bahut cool hai!
    the vry gud movie of shahid kapoor n kareena kapoor

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