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About- Me & This Blog


Well,I am one of those who love to enjoy every moment of life, considering it as the precious one. I’ve a huge interest and love for Hills n for driving also. Writing is my profession as well as Passion.

This blog is just my dedication to my interest and for people who wanna see nature’s coooool beauty. My mama and dadu are the only ones who helped RD (friends are used to call me) to reach wherever i am!

All that’s me and my blog!!! Thanks to you for visting me n leave a comment if wanna share anything with me.



3 Responses to “About- Me & This Blog”

  1. rvewong said

    Like you I love nature. The bane of my life are biting insects. One of the nice things about winter is no bugs.

    I’ve just returned from the west coast of Canada and where I was staying there were almost no biting bugs. This is the first place I’ve been in my life where I’ve not had to worry about bugs.

    Until this trip I thought it was impossible to find such a place on earth.

    What has been your experience with bugs around the world??

  2. Well, i don’t have any good viewpoint about biting bugs. it’s hard for me to bear any bug around me and like you, i am also a person who can’t stay on a place where possibility of bugs is.

    u r right, these idiot bugs do present on each n every corner of earth and i’ve not seen any place without having bugs!

    ooh!!! those silly crawling six legged insects 😦

  3. Sunny said

    I am kinda fascinated reading your post, i want to know more about you more over want to discuss a writing oportunity if u like to get in touch at checkyou at gmail dot com

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