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Snow Fall in Kashmir…. Chily winds hit the Valley!!!

Posted by Webmistress on September 7, 2008

ahhh!! feeling a little cold….

Why? Actually, Kashmir Valley expereinces light snow fall recently and the cool winds are making inhabitants to rely on warm woolen clothes especially in morning and evening timings. Snowfall was just seen on the upper reaches in valley whereas it rained heavily in the plains.

As per the official reports, 3 inches of snow fall was recorded at Karnah and adjoining upper reaches so  the weather is extremely cold. A report from Yusmarg said the hill tops experienced snowfall, resulting in considerbale cold in the plains, including Charar-e-Sharief. After this snowfall, gov. has sounded a yellow alert….

wow! its just like a miracle for nature lovers like me as we all were expecting such a great natural endowment from mother nature. Well, it’s not possible to go Kashmir and have a glance of teh white snow laden trees but still here you can see a little:

Feeling cold or not??? see more

Car in Snow, Snow Fall in Kashmir

Who this lucky CAR owner is??

What should i say “LUCKY DOGGY or POOR DOGGY?? hey! he’s Lucky…

Thanks for reading this post and if shivering after experiencing too much snow, then, this post may be your cup of tea -

Well, take care and have a snowy day ahead!!


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