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Celebrate your Honeymoon in lap of nature!

Posted by Webmistress on January 27, 2009

Well, if you’re an Indian and are recently married one, then, i guess this blog post would surely be your cup of tea. Not cup of tea actually, but a delicious and yummy dinner…okay, not getting off-centre…

As we all know, India is a country with more -than- huge geographical land. And, if offers thousands of sweet options to newly weds to choose and to celebrate the most precious and wonderful days of their lives. Everyone’s open to choose the place according to his/her likings and nature. This post is especially for those who want to make their Honeymoon, a hilly one! Give a quick start to the newest phase of your life on the zig-zag roads or snowy grounds!


Guys, it’s a fact that Honeymoon is always beautiful and enjoying but adding a little more spice would make it rocking. If i am true, then, let me tell you that there’sno place better than hills to celebrate your Honeymoon. Hills represent literal beauty and when you’ll enjoy the wonderful days of your life with nature’s blessing, trust me, enjoyment would surely be on its extreme!

Okay, if’ve already decided to celebrate your Honeymoon in hills, then, the best (actually bestest in India) places are arjeeling, Kodaikanal, Srinagar, Shimla, Nainital, Manali, Mount Abu, Gangtok etc. No issues which month you get married and plan your honeymoon,weather is always pleasent and naughty! Here’s the website which you can visit to know more about above mentioned places!

So, what’re your plans…..hey, i guess…. suggestion is not bad 🙂



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Literal Beauty’s New Year Celebrations!

Posted by Webmistress on January 1, 2009

Well, 2008 has slipped away from our hands and we all have welcomed 2009 with open arms. I wish you guys will  have happiness and prosperity throughout the year ahead and may your all wishes come true. HAPPY NEW YEAR from your very own literal beauty.

What did you do this new year eve? well, I didn’t celebrate it like most of you buddies. My way of new year celebration was somehow special and unique. I took my laptop, went upstairs, took a chair and sat on roof. OMG….. it was so cold and my hands were froze. It was approximately 9:45 PM. After the first 15 minutes, I felt like my hands were not with me and I was just shivering with cold and it was 10:00PM when my sweet (haha) aunt came to me asked me,what i was doing there in such a severe cold. I replied that I would be inside very soon, you please go and sleep. She went believing I would go to bed soon.

Hey…. but my plans were superb and i was not ready to spoil the new year eve at any cost. Initially, the severe cold forced me to drop out the idea but an inner voice (which always helps me in such circumstances) encouraged me to sat there and do what I had decided. Then, there was a little change in plan and i had to got up to have a cup of coffee. After it, i was back on my chair with laptop in my lap. Next, I started writing about what i lost/achieved during 2008 and believe me, time spend so speedily and i didn’t know when new year arrived at our home. I stopped writing when  when my phone started ringing at 12:03 .


And, it was the fantstic night of my life. I realized how beautiful nature can be when it’s midnight and how much pleasing it can be to write when there is no visibility due to fog. I have the whole stuff written with me, will share with you buddies some day. It was mine way of celebrating new year in the lap of nature and feeling the literal beauty! You can share yours’ through comments…….i m waiting!

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Merry Christmas from Literal Beauty

Posted by Webmistress on December 24, 2008

Christmas bells are ringing and Santa is knocking at your door!

Go ahead and see what he has in his pocket for you!

Well, i’ve here the wishes of Christmas for all of you!

May this Christmas bring tons of happiness to the lives of all of you!

Once again…….Literal Beauty wishes you a marvelous, fantastic, rocking n MERRY Christmas!


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Literal Beauty welcomes Winters!

Posted by Webmistress on December 15, 2008

Well, winters, the most beautiful as well as delighting segment of year, are here! To all the visitors of literal beauty blog, wish a very very HAPPY Winters. As of today, it’s cloudy and very cool breeze is blowing and this is what enraptures me in winters. Nothing special to do so i am sitting in my quilt and preparing a new post for all of you!

OMG… shivring hands and red nose (which my sis usually had whenever she went outside in such a cool weather) and driving your Activa in winters is much more pleasing than summers and autumn etc! Nature also gets sexy (sorry to say) in winters and snow in winters….. ahhh, i’ve started feeling cold!

literal beauty snow fall

The worst part of living in Punjab is that you can’t enjoy show here. Nothing like snow falls in punjab and that’s why people of Punjab rush to Hill station, exactly like me. Residents of Himachal Pradesh are very fortunate in this case as sbowfall in Himachal is considered as one of the loveliest, sweestest n cutest snowfalls in India. If you’re living in plan and are missing snow fall in winters, then, has a very splendid solution for you folks. Here, i am gonna add pictures of snowfall, enjoy them, before you go to some Hill Station n enjoy it actually!

literal beauty snow fall

snowy-day-009_thumbAnd finally, here’s sweet, cute n sarru SNOW MAN…


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Would you call it Beauty or something else?

Posted by Webmistress on November 25, 2008

Well, buddies don’t know much about you but I’ve realized it many times that even a dead leave can produce beauty. For me, a broken piece of glass can have tons of meanings and appeals. Sometimes, a beggar’s twinkling eyes make me astonished and sometimes a cute kid’s little hands induce me to kiss him/her. So, buddies beauty or Literal Beauty has thousands definitions and we can’t set standards for it.


Much to my surprise, yesterday my cousin showed me his new foot wears. He’s just three years old and while he was showing me his new footwears, I felt the happiness and tons of relaxation on his sweet lips. He was behaving like he has got the costliest treasure of the world. Oh man… this is called satisfaction and a satisfy person’s face represents the actual beauty. You just try to feel it, believe me, things would be rocking, surely!

Okay, I am giving you some questions. Just tell me your views.

  1. Suppose you’re walking along the bank of a river with your partner. Suddenly, cool breeze starts to blow and your mate’s longhair start puzzling her. She tries hard to manage but fails to do so and they continuously irritate her. Now, tell me, for you, it’d be a pleasing experience to see her managing with them or will be an irritating task.
  2. Imagine, you’ve plucked a rose, representing literal beauty, from some plant in a garden. You’ve full intentions to give it to your spouse. But suddenly, a kid comes to you and snatches it from your hand. As a result, rose is ruined. Whether the sweet eyes of kid will soothe you or you’ll slap him/her for ruining all your plans.
  3. Look, I am giving you two options. #1 you can go to hills without any modern facilities and can stay there for one month, even without your mobile phone. All expenses will be afforded by me #2 you can go for shopping in FLAMEZ for one day, of course, on your own expense.
  4. What’s your definition of Literal Beauty and how many times you visit literal beauty?

I want you to answer all above questions. And, after reading your answers I’ll tell you whether or not you’re a nice beauty appraiser. Stay tuned. Well, I know someone will find it hard to understand my feelings, sorry to them as sweeties, watching beauty is easier than feeling the beauty. Just try to feel literal beauty…………

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Flowers…. representing BEAUTY literally!

Posted by Webmistress on November 3, 2008

Literal Beauty remained ‘not updated yet’ for so many days. Actually, i was out of station and today i am back so literalbeauty is also back with a new post.

Well, guys yesterday i was sitting in a park and i saw roses tossing their heads in the breezing water. How pretty they were…i mean, i stared at those flowers for more than an hour and during that hour, i felt so relaxed and it really gave me tons of  piece of mind. Roses actually do have a strong relationship with me. The first write up which i wrote to get my current job, was about Roses. i wrote and everyone liked it too much. Apart from this, once a wrote a poem on flowers, especially roses and my mama laughed for 10 minutes after hearing that…. but still, i love flowers and especially roses.

Both, male and female like flowers. Women like it because they are used to make beauty products and also they represent sweetness and cuteness. Men like it just on Valentine’s Day (when it comes to gift it to their girl friend)….

On wedding day, bride and bridegroom, both love to have flowers in their bed room, car, church, and girls even wear dresses made of flowers. We all do this all, because Flowers are the ones which are sent on earth by God, through which we can express how do we feel. White roses may represent grief… but still they’re flowers and they just try continuously to make our life a perfect one, and a beatiful one with their sweetness and innocence… that’s what i do call ‘Literal Beauty’ …

And yeah, whenever u get some free time, just next to a flower n feel the little drew drops…. and then reply me, how was the experience

Flowers' literal Beauty!



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Literal Beauty…….. what’s the meaning?

Posted by Webmistress on September 26, 2008

Yesterday, i got a mail (the first one of its type) and one of my visitors asked me what’s the meaning of Literal Beauty. I think it’s a worth asking question and so I must appreciate his mind. Ultimatley, I am here to tell him and you too, what’s the meaning of Literal beauty and why did i choose it as my domain name.

If we go with dictionary meanings- Literal means actual/geniune and the word beauty needs no definition. So, literalbeauty simple describes everything which has a connection with nature and its beauty. My only one aim behind all these things is just to show you what fills my heart with an energy and happyness.

Nature: it may be just a simple word for you, or just a phenomenon of living. But there are some eyes which see what’s special in Nature and for such kinda eyes, a little breaking star or a tiny bird, sitting on teh branch of a leaves-less tree, may be world’s most exciting and enjoyable thing.

Just for those people, i created Literal Beauty and it shows…… what’s the actual meaning of beauty? May be teh following……

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Let’s have a look…..

Posted by Webmistress on September 15, 2008

While stumblimg through some site i’ve found some worth-sharing pictures, defining the literal beauty so i am here to share with you buddies.  

Isn’t it coool?? Here’s teh second pic…

Would you like to have an opportunity to stand n shout in teh middle of this flowing blue water… well, i definitely would like to have and what would i shout? Hey! its me….

Any guesses? What it is…. these are the sea shells at the sea shore. It reminds me one sentence which our teacher used to help our pronunciation- “SHE SELLS SEA SHELLS AT SEA”.

Okay, tell me honestly how many of you would like to sit on these rocks? Who’d like to sail on teh ship? Can you see that yellow flagged yacht……..Hey just love nature and Nature’s literal beauty. Nature is what helps to forget teh worries of life and teaches us how to be HAPPY even when disasters do happen…..

Just remember…. Troubles are the integral part of life and facing them with cheerfulness is the way to live long! Nature is our best guide… see storms hit but sea always goes on…….  Try to be like a sea which does’t care about teh Hurricanes.

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Snow Fall in Kashmir…. Chily winds hit the Valley!!!

Posted by Webmistress on September 7, 2008

ahhh!! feeling a little cold….

Why? Actually, Kashmir Valley expereinces light snow fall recently and the cool winds are making inhabitants to rely on warm woolen clothes especially in morning and evening timings. Snowfall was just seen on the upper reaches in valley whereas it rained heavily in the plains.

As per the official reports, 3 inches of snow fall was recorded at Karnah and adjoining upper reaches so  the weather is extremely cold. A report from Yusmarg said the hill tops experienced snowfall, resulting in considerbale cold in the plains, including Charar-e-Sharief. After this snowfall, gov. has sounded a yellow alert….

wow! its just like a miracle for nature lovers like me as we all were expecting such a great natural endowment from mother nature. Well, it’s not possible to go Kashmir and have a glance of teh white snow laden trees but still here you can see a little:

Feeling cold or not??? see more

Car in Snow, Snow Fall in Kashmir

Who this lucky CAR owner is??

What should i say “LUCKY DOGGY or POOR DOGGY?? hey! he’s Lucky…

Thanks for reading this post and if shivering after experiencing too much snow, then, this post may be your cup of tea -

Well, take care and have a snowy day ahead!!

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Hotels in Kasauli- Himachal Pradesh

Posted by Webmistress on August 31, 2008

Well, if you do have some plans to visit Kasauli this fall, then, I’d like to suggest you some must visit places where Natural Beauty resides and would also like to tell where you should stay to make your Kasauli visit an unforgettable as well as luxurious one.

First of all, let’s have a look at the places in Kasauli that you must see. I’m also gonna tell you about my favorite places there. The most visited place in Kasauli is Monkey Point, a home to monkeys. If you wanna have a sound knowledge about Monkey Point, then please go here

Then is an ancient Christ Church, definitely it’s a worth seeing Place on the Upper Mall Road. When we last visited Kasauli, this Church was not allowed to see due to some official reasons so we didn’t enter into the Church. But really, the Building is an ancient one and is an example of the luxurious life style of the British Rulers.    Next is a market at Mall Road, selling many routine needs stuff. You can have anything you need in the market, if have enough dollars in your pocket.

Where to stay in Kasauli

Kasauli Resorts, Kasauli: Its cool place where each room has a private balcony, sun decked terraces, green lawns, restaurants with bar, table tennis and innumerous indoor games etc.Just a 90 minute cool drive from Chandigarh will let you there. Here’s a look:

Bliss Resorts, Kasauli: Bliss resort is located 4 km away from Garkhal and is centrally located from visits to places like Shimla, Kasauli, Chail, Pinjore Gardens and Kufri etc. The luxurious rooms and beautiful interior designing will not let you move of this marvelous place. Here’s a glance:

Kasauli Regency: Kasauli Regency is situated at a height of 5600 feet on Kasauli and the resort offers you some of the best accommodations in Kasauli and has 6 spacious rooms & 3 very spacious suites. Here’s a bird’s eyeview:

SO, these are some of the very best places to stay in Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh and if you wanna have some more details on these places as such Accommodations charges etc, you can contact me.

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