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Literal Beauty, it’s not so easy to define!!

Posted by Webmistress on June 3, 2009

Hi, the readres of my blog Literal Beauty! So, how are you doing? hopefully, life would be rocking on :)…cheers

Anyways, i got a mail from one of my readres, a good friend as colleague as well, who has shared his thoughts about Literal Beauty with me! I am sharing it with you, with his consent…. here’s how it goes, word-by-word!

Literal Beauty…. It’s a phenomenon, which would never come to an end! Although people, throughout the world, are trying to alter it, with their anti-natural activities and artificial beauty, but still Literal beauty is consistent and steady.

Well, I got this blog when searching “literal beauty (Natural Beauty)”, and have read all about this. However…. I just want to say that I am not satisfied with the words of the owner as I think that nobody can define what literal beauty is, or can say beautiful.

In my words, Literal beauty is what we can’t change and which is liked only for being original. Beauty loses its true sense when it gets artificial, or we cay say fake.


Dear web mistress, can you plz let me know, why do you love literal Beauty? What happens to you when you go on some hill station like Kasauli? I mean, what special happens? What makes you to love hills and their beauty? I have read your long-long posts about literal beauty but sorry to say that I couldn’t get the actual meaning of Literal Beauty. Now, let me share, what I know about Nature or in the terms of blog, Literal Beauty? Actually when I first read the poem “Education of Nature” composed by William Words Worth in 12th class, I came to know the depths of Nature. Honestly, I was thinking that how nature can teach us something? It was my teacher who sorted out my problem. Believe me, initially; when I was a kid, I was of thinking that nature means Forest. For me, the belongings of the forest, such as lions, trees, and birds were nature, literal beauty. But, today, I can understand how much deep this sea is? Well, Nature (Literal Beauty) can be the things, which can maintain you, inspire you to be independent and caring and can teach you how to stay happy when many things start making you worried? Nature also teaches how to protect your family, lover, and friends etc from the selfishness as being a human.

So the thing is that we must do something for nature. Only writing about the beauty of nature doesn’t gonna work. We should try to save it otherwise if we lost it once, we will die foreverL . It’s really nice to see a nature lover here! Thanks for sharing the beauty of nature with us. And, my questions are still to be answered?


See you around dear,


Hey sush, thanks a lot man! Next post of Literal Beauty would definitley answer the questions rasied by u!


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Literal Beauty welcomes Winters!

Posted by Webmistress on December 15, 2008

Well, winters, the most beautiful as well as delighting segment of year, are here! To all the visitors of literal beauty blog, wish a very very HAPPY Winters. As of today, it’s cloudy and very cool breeze is blowing and this is what enraptures me in winters. Nothing special to do so i am sitting in my quilt and preparing a new post for all of you!

OMG… shivring hands and red nose (which my sis usually had whenever she went outside in such a cool weather) and driving your Activa in winters is much more pleasing than summers and autumn etc! Nature also gets sexy (sorry to say) in winters and snow in winters….. ahhh, i’ve started feeling cold!

literal beauty snow fall

The worst part of living in Punjab is that you can’t enjoy show here. Nothing like snow falls in punjab and that’s why people of Punjab rush to Hill station, exactly like me. Residents of Himachal Pradesh are very fortunate in this case as sbowfall in Himachal is considered as one of the loveliest, sweestest n cutest snowfalls in India. If you’re living in plan and are missing snow fall in winters, then, has a very splendid solution for you folks. Here, i am gonna add pictures of snowfall, enjoy them, before you go to some Hill Station n enjoy it actually!

literal beauty snow fall

snowy-day-009_thumbAnd finally, here’s sweet, cute n sarru SNOW MAN…


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