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Literal Beauty adds more to the beauty of this blog!

Posted by Webmistress on September 14, 2009

Hey pals, So, hows is it going?

Literal Beauty has no posts for such a long time, why? The question may be hitting your mind. Well, again the hectic schedule was the reason Anyways, have finally got the time to jot down something for the fans of Literal Beauty.

Yesterday, I got some pics while thumbling across internet. Here’s a snapshot for you buddies. Have a look and enjoy.

Literal Beauty

literal beauty

Literal beauty


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Let’s have a look…..

Posted by Webmistress on September 15, 2008

While stumblimg through some site i’ve found some worth-sharing pictures, defining the literal beauty so i am here to share with you buddies.  

Isn’t it coool?? Here’s teh second pic…

Would you like to have an opportunity to stand n shout in teh middle of this flowing blue water… well, i definitely would like to have and what would i shout? Hey! its me….

Any guesses? What it is…. these are the sea shells at the sea shore. It reminds me one sentence which our teacher used to help our pronunciation- “SHE SELLS SEA SHELLS AT SEA”.

Okay, tell me honestly how many of you would like to sit on these rocks? Who’d like to sail on teh ship? Can you see that yellow flagged yacht……..Hey just love nature and Nature’s literal beauty. Nature is what helps to forget teh worries of life and teaches us how to be HAPPY even when disasters do happen…..

Just remember…. Troubles are the integral part of life and facing them with cheerfulness is the way to live long! Nature is our best guide… see storms hit but sea always goes on…….  Try to be like a sea which does’t care about teh Hurricanes.

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Why not to love this Beauty???

Posted by Webmistress on July 5, 2008

I m back exactly after 4 days……..

Previous 3 days were a lil bit busy because of the new working schedules at office. Coming late from office and just go to bed even without having dinner… this was my routine for the last days.. but today, feeling releaxed as it’s weekend and i do have enough time to properly have my dinner…. atleast!

Okay, let’s come to the point! As very usual, this post is again for Hills… if you’re a nature lover, then continue reading this… well, if you don’t have any special charm(like me)….then you should please continue reading…these images may let you love nature…Have a look and tell me why not to appraise this beauty……

nature 1

nature 2

nature 3

why i am insisting on you to read….. look

nature 4

A few days earlier, during lunch time in office… topic of discussion was RISHIKESH… i said that Laxman Jhula is one of the very fantastic places to visit and scenic beauty is superb. one of my colleagues argued..’ Nothing is special there. it’s just like a simple bridge and you just walk on to cross the river’. i was just shocked at her statement. is it like a simple bridge… oh!! God why all these things attract me when others say ‘Nothing is special there’. EVERYTHING IS SPECIAL THERE…..

nature 5

I don’t why i have such craze for hills .. i know many more people are like me … meeting with such a nature lover will be my immense pleasure…. SO i hop ey r feeling coooooooool!!!

if ur answer is a yes, then, thanx! and have a nice day!!! yeah, also have a rocking weekend!!!!!!!!!

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