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Captured by my phone!

Posted by Webmistress on October 20, 2009

Life is getting busier everyday than the previous one.

When I started Literal Beauty, I had GREAT ideas on mind. Well, this great simply meant- adding atleast a post weekly.  I have never been able to do so since the conception of this blog.  Circumstances are responsible n lil bit i m. Anyways, life has to go on….

It was Diwali on October 17, 2009. Life has seen a big change since Jan, 2008. Remembering last Diwali when all my good friends were dere wid me… This Diwali was of course special and cool but really missed someone specials in my life.

Guys, since i have started to understand nature and its beauty, I had a dream. Not a big one……My aunt-uncle do live in a village, near to Faridkot. This time, when i was at home, we went to them. Whenever i have visited them, I have thought to grab sun-set. Actually, view from their terrace is always mind blowing n cool.  And, finally i got it.  Here, you can see…


Phone’s camera is not very good one so some quality issues can be noticed. Hopefully, gonna get digi cam soon so that i can make my Dream to capture sun-setting true in a better way…


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Literal Beauty adds more to the beauty of this blog!

Posted by Webmistress on September 14, 2009

Hey pals, So, hows is it going?

Literal Beauty has no posts for such a long time, why? The question may be hitting your mind. Well, again the hectic schedule was the reason Anyways, have finally got the time to jot down something for the fans of Literal Beauty.

Yesterday, I got some pics while thumbling across internet. Here’s a snapshot for you buddies. Have a look and enjoy.

Literal Beauty

literal beauty

Literal beauty

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Literal Beauty…….. what’s the meaning?

Posted by Webmistress on September 26, 2008

Yesterday, i got a mail (the first one of its type) and one of my visitors asked me what’s the meaning of Literal Beauty. I think it’s a worth asking question and so I must appreciate his mind. Ultimatley, I am here to tell him and you too, what’s the meaning of Literal beauty and why did i choose it as my domain name.

If we go with dictionary meanings- Literal means actual/geniune and the word beauty needs no definition. So, literalbeauty simple describes everything which has a connection with nature and its beauty. My only one aim behind all these things is just to show you what fills my heart with an energy and happyness.

Nature: it may be just a simple word for you, or just a phenomenon of living. But there are some eyes which see what’s special in Nature and for such kinda eyes, a little breaking star or a tiny bird, sitting on teh branch of a leaves-less tree, may be world’s most exciting and enjoyable thing.

Just for those people, i created Literal Beauty and it shows…… what’s the actual meaning of beauty? May be teh following……

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