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Literal Beauty reflections on Valentine’s Day

Posted by Webmistress on February 15, 2009

Hi buddies….. First of all, Wish u all a very Happy Valentine’s Day!

Second of all, trust me, I’ve been trying to understand the concept of Valentine’s Day ever since i came to know about it. If you’re the one who thinks that Valentine’s Day is a must for lovers, plz reply me the following….

Can love be bound? Is it right to declare a love specific day? Why proposing on Valentine’s Day actually shows you love someone? What if anyone falls in love with some one on Feb 15, should he/she wait for the next Valentine’s Day? How feelings can be forced to work in a specific manner on a particular day? Who says that a proposal on Valentine’s Day is never rejected? Is giving a chocolate/rose, whatever people do, on Valentine’s Day expresses love? Is not it like a day when gals offer themselves to boys or vice versa….cheapest job? The love-image for you from here


Actually, what i think, if you propose your partner on Valentine’s Day, it simple means you’re not listening to your heart and doing what others are doing…. nay, that’s not LOVE. For me, Love is a feeling and feelings never think. Loving someone means sharing the best part of your day with him/her and spending most of your time thinking for him/her and of course, he/she becomes your dream boy/gal….. right! And, then comes the day when you’re forced or compelled to express your love towards him/her… how anyone can? I mean, at least i can’t. Honestly, I’ve never fallen in love yet so it may be a reason of my thinking like that. Lovers may have their own reasons and logic…. sorry, if i am wrong?If you’re a true lover, you can’t force yourself to wait for a specific day…… this sweet feeling can’t be put behind the bars n can’t wait to be expressed….

And, the worst part of the deal is that the day works like a gift-day especially for gals. And, no one can ever imagine how many gifts from how many boyfriends… a very situational joke, A guy goes to Archies’ and asks for a greeting card with ‘Be My Valentine’. He chose the card and said to the salesman…. plz arrange 15 of same sort!

That’s love nowadays and if you’re away from this curse, you’re lucky Man. Loving someone is not bad….. but always remember SOMEONE, not ANYONE!

Love someone to its extent and never wait for any day, especially Valentine’s Day, to express your feelings…. in fact, i think no one ever needs to express love, the person in front always has the same feelings, most probably ๐Ÿ™‚

And, never forget… Mama, Dad, bro n sis all love u, expecting someone else’s love is a good thing but not the only one mission of life…. have a loving day! My questions are still to be answered…..plz answer! Well, Literal beauty didn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day…. if you did, please share how was yours’ day?


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