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Glorious Beauty of Goa!!!!

Posted by Webmistress on August 17, 2008

Well, i’ve never visited Goa, but still have a sound knowledge about this marvelous place on earth. I’ll definitely be there, after 2-3 months, as no plans for now. Before i visit there, let’s have a look at Goa’s beaches which let you fall in love…..

In terms of Area, Goa is the smallest state in India and is well known for its variety of scenearies and comfort. As Goa has hundreds of splashing beaches, so this heaven is visited by hundreds of thousands of International and Domestic tourists every year.

So, this is Goa… waiting for you to spend some time in the lap of nature along with your spouse. When u’ll be there??? I know most of you dream about a visit to GOA… let’s see when your dream comes true!!!!!!!!!

Well, i was in mood to write about all teh beaches of Goa, but lacks time so will write about in my next post. Till then, enjoy these beutiful pics and have a very nice Sunday!!!!!!


9 Responses to “Glorious Beauty of Goa!!!!”

  1. Happy said

    Personally I have never been there…..but did heard a lot about its beauty from some of my friends..even recently my friend Simran visited – agauda fort beach – and narrated me some of the scenic about its night life , sunshine beaches..where one can sit, enjoy the crashing waves etc still its good to avoid the rainy season there and take care of malaria precautions…other than that ….its all a piece of heaven…Raj…thanks for the pics.

  2. Sam said

    Cool pictures, keep it up! you know i love goa

  3. Mandeep said

    GOA, himachal to goa…. where is your bus stop?? 🙂

  4. sHIKHA said

    cool weather of Goa!!

    Good enough to make you romantic. raj, let us go goa.

  5. Sukhi said

    When i was in GOa last year, i see all teh beaches there… mam write about all becahes in goa as Goa’s beauty is its hundreds of cool beaches

  6. oh my gosh! No Shikhu no plans to go GOA with u! Karan will kill me definitely.. 😦

  7. Sam said

    It’s imagging
    keep it up

  8. well, i’ll keep it up but u do need to take care of one thing…

    hey my sweetu…. see imagging, its amazing whts happened to ur eng????

  9. Ady Mat said

    I agree about natural beauty of Goa.

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