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Captured by my phone!

Posted by Webmistress on October 20, 2009

Life is getting busier everyday than the previous one.

When I started Literal Beauty, I had GREAT ideas on mind. Well, this great simply meant- adding atleast a post weekly.  I have never been able to do so since the conception of this blog.  Circumstances are responsible n lil bit i m. Anyways, life has to go on….

It was Diwali on October 17, 2009. Life has seen a big change since Jan, 2008. Remembering last Diwali when all my good friends were dere wid me… This Diwali was of course special and cool but really missed someone specials in my life.

Guys, since i have started to understand nature and its beauty, I had a dream. Not a big one……My aunt-uncle do live in a village, near to Faridkot. This time, when i was at home, we went to them. Whenever i have visited them, I have thought to grab sun-set. Actually, view from their terrace is always mind blowing n cool.  And, finally i got it.  Here, you can see…


Phone’s camera is not very good one so some quality issues can be noticed. Hopefully, gonna get digi cam soon so that i can make my Dream to capture sun-setting true in a better way…


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And, i saw literal Beauty in Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh

Posted by Webmistress on April 29, 2009

Hi buddies! Hows going?

Well, It has been so long since i post anything here on our very sweet Literal Beauty. Actually, I was kinda very busy, exams, exams and exams!Schedule was too hectic, so hectic that didn’t get some time to pen in something here regarding literal beauty!

But, today I can’t stop myself from logging in and writing this post. Me, along with someones specials in my life, went to Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh on April 25th, 2009. It was an official trip, consisting of approximately 36 people. And, trust me, it was one of the amazing days of my life. It was the third time i visited Kasauli, Monkey Point. First time, i was with family; second time, i was with my college mates and this time, i was with colleagues and my best friends as well.

Visiting Monkey Point, Kasauli was like a dream coming true for me. Because, i had no plans till 24th April, 2009 but then, I had to prepare myself because Sushil (one of my best friends & colleague) used to say that ‘kabhi kabhi doosro ki khushi ke liye b kuch karna chayiye‘. Hence, this trip was my dedication to the ones who wanted me to be with them in their precious moments.

As very usual, I captured in numerous photographs, some are here for you to enjoy!



These photographs are of Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh, captured with my Nokia 3110 Classic while we’re coming back from Monkey Point. Lots of other things are to be expressed and share with you buddiesso would write another post. Here, you just enjoy the views of the hill station that i love most-

Literal Beauty in kasauli

Literal Beauty in kasauli

Another view of Literal Beauty

Another view of Literal Beauty

And, it also means Literal Beauty

And, it also means Literal Beauty

Hey, i do have hundreds of photos to add here but space issues are coming in the way. Thus, let me go and find some solution 🙂 Do comment in and let me your say about Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh!

I’d be back soon to share my other experiences of Literal Beauty in Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh. Till then, have a rocking time and enjoy yourself….bye!

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Flowers…. representing BEAUTY literally!

Posted by Webmistress on November 3, 2008

Literal Beauty remained ‘not updated yet’ for so many days. Actually, i was out of station and today i am back so literalbeauty is also back with a new post.

Well, guys yesterday i was sitting in a park and i saw roses tossing their heads in the breezing water. How pretty they were…i mean, i stared at those flowers for more than an hour and during that hour, i felt so relaxed and it really gave me tons of  piece of mind. Roses actually do have a strong relationship with me. The first write up which i wrote to get my current job, was about Roses. i wrote and everyone liked it too much. Apart from this, once a wrote a poem on flowers, especially roses and my mama laughed for 10 minutes after hearing that…. but still, i love flowers and especially roses.

Both, male and female like flowers. Women like it because they are used to make beauty products and also they represent sweetness and cuteness. Men like it just on Valentine’s Day (when it comes to gift it to their girl friend)….

On wedding day, bride and bridegroom, both love to have flowers in their bed room, car, church, and girls even wear dresses made of flowers. We all do this all, because Flowers are the ones which are sent on earth by God, through which we can express how do we feel. White roses may represent grief… but still they’re flowers and they just try continuously to make our life a perfect one, and a beatiful one with their sweetness and innocence… that’s what i do call ‘Literal Beauty’ …

And yeah, whenever u get some free time, just next to a flower n feel the little drew drops…. and then reply me, how was the experience

Flowers' literal Beauty!



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Why not to love this Beauty???

Posted by Webmistress on July 5, 2008

I m back exactly after 4 days……..

Previous 3 days were a lil bit busy because of the new working schedules at office. Coming late from office and just go to bed even without having dinner… this was my routine for the last days.. but today, feeling releaxed as it’s weekend and i do have enough time to properly have my dinner…. atleast!

Okay, let’s come to the point! As very usual, this post is again for Hills… if you’re a nature lover, then continue reading this… well, if you don’t have any special charm(like me)….then you should please continue reading…these images may let you love nature…Have a look and tell me why not to appraise this beauty……

nature 1

nature 2

nature 3

why i am insisting on you to read….. look

nature 4

A few days earlier, during lunch time in office… topic of discussion was RISHIKESH… i said that Laxman Jhula is one of the very fantastic places to visit and scenic beauty is superb. one of my colleagues argued..’ Nothing is special there. it’s just like a simple bridge and you just walk on to cross the river’. i was just shocked at her statement. is it like a simple bridge… oh!! God why all these things attract me when others say ‘Nothing is special there’. EVERYTHING IS SPECIAL THERE…..

nature 5

I don’t why i have such craze for hills .. i know many more people are like me … meeting with such a nature lover will be my immense pleasure…. SO i hop ey r feeling coooooooool!!!

if ur answer is a yes, then, thanx! and have a nice day!!! yeah, also have a rocking weekend!!!!!!!!!

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Hi ! Everyone

Posted by Webmistress on June 28, 2008

So, finally my journey begins…..

I was just crazy for blogging as each of friends is having his/her own blogs. It was me with no blog. Now, i am also a blogger…… Cheers!!!

Well, i’ve written tons of content for innumerous blogs as being a content editor at a very well known web designing company. All that is just professionally.

Being here on my own blog and writing the very first post for this upcoming blog ….. i am unable to tell how much happy i do feel. it’s just amazing.

This is just for my interest n my craze. well, i do love hills…. my passion , my love, my crush, my weakness, my source of inspiration are just hills… n that flowing blue water…. having a dream house on the top of some hill is my dream. hope, i’ll turn it in reality one day.

Beauty of Nature

So, buddies this blog is for my love…. how many of u  r crazy for hills???

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