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Would you call it Beauty or something else?

Posted by Webmistress on November 25, 2008

Well, buddies don’t know much about you but I’ve realized it many times that even a dead leave can produce beauty. For me, a broken piece of glass can have tons of meanings and appeals. Sometimes, a beggar’s twinkling eyes make me astonished and sometimes a cute kid’s little hands induce me to kiss him/her. So, buddies beauty or Literal Beauty has thousands definitions and we can’t set standards for it.


Much to my surprise, yesterday my cousin showed me his new foot wears. He’s just three years old and while he was showing me his new footwears, I felt the happiness and tons of relaxation on his sweet lips. He was behaving like he has got the costliest treasure of the world. Oh man… this is called satisfaction and a satisfy person’s face represents the actual beauty. You just try to feel it, believe me, things would be rocking, surely!

Okay, I am giving you some questions. Just tell me your views.

  1. Suppose you’re walking along the bank of a river with your partner. Suddenly, cool breeze starts to blow and your mate’s longhair start puzzling her. She tries hard to manage but fails to do so and they continuously irritate her. Now, tell me, for you, it’d be a pleasing experience to see her managing with them or will be an irritating task.
  2. Imagine, you’ve plucked a rose, representing literal beauty, from some plant in a garden. You’ve full intentions to give it to your spouse. But suddenly, a kid comes to you and snatches it from your hand. As a result, rose is ruined. Whether the sweet eyes of kid will soothe you or you’ll slap him/her for ruining all your plans.
  3. Look, I am giving you two options. #1 you can go to hills without any modern facilities and can stay there for one month, even without your mobile phone. All expenses will be afforded by me #2 you can go for shopping in FLAMEZ for one day, of course, on your own expense.
  4. What’s your definition of Literal Beauty and how many times you visit literal beauty?

I want you to answer all above questions. And, after reading your answers I’ll tell you whether or not you’re a nice beauty appraiser. Stay tuned. Well, I know someone will find it hard to understand my feelings, sorry to them as sweeties, watching beauty is easier than feeling the beauty. Just try to feel literal beauty…………


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Flowers…. representing BEAUTY literally!

Posted by Webmistress on November 3, 2008

Literal Beauty remained ‘not updated yet’ for so many days. Actually, i was out of station and today i am back so literalbeauty is also back with a new post.

Well, guys yesterday i was sitting in a park and i saw roses tossing their heads in the breezing water. How pretty they were…i mean, i stared at those flowers for more than an hour and during that hour, i felt so relaxed and it really gave me tons of  piece of mind. Roses actually do have a strong relationship with me. The first write up which i wrote to get my current job, was about Roses. i wrote and everyone liked it too much. Apart from this, once a wrote a poem on flowers, especially roses and my mama laughed for 10 minutes after hearing that…. but still, i love flowers and especially roses.

Both, male and female like flowers. Women like it because they are used to make beauty products and also they represent sweetness and cuteness. Men like it just on Valentine’s Day (when it comes to gift it to their girl friend)….

On wedding day, bride and bridegroom, both love to have flowers in their bed room, car, church, and girls even wear dresses made of flowers. We all do this all, because Flowers are the ones which are sent on earth by God, through which we can express how do we feel. White roses may represent grief… but still they’re flowers and they just try continuously to make our life a perfect one, and a beatiful one with their sweetness and innocence… that’s what i do call ‘Literal Beauty’ …

And yeah, whenever u get some free time, just next to a flower n feel the little drew drops…. and then reply me, how was the experience

Flowers' literal Beauty!



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