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Posted by Webmistress on October 21, 2009

Hey buddies!

Life is all about learning. Each day makes us better in this and the other way. And, today I learnt something very strange.  It was 10:00 AM and I was in office. I had the same wallpaper on my PC since last two months so decided to change it. Pretty obvious, turned to and searched with the keyword download free Natural Wallpapers. Unluckily, I didn’t get any website. OMG! how come? The ones which I got were prompting me to navigate from one link to other.

Anyways, I kept on searching and finally got the right website to download wallpapers of Nature. You too must try it if facing the same problem.

Have a gud day!


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Captured by my phone!

Posted by Webmistress on October 20, 2009

Life is getting busier everyday than the previous one.

When I started Literal Beauty, I had GREAT ideas on mind. Well, this great simply meant- adding atleast a post weekly.  I have never been able to do so since the conception of this blog.  Circumstances are responsible n lil bit i m. Anyways, life has to go on….

It was Diwali on October 17, 2009. Life has seen a big change since Jan, 2008. Remembering last Diwali when all my good friends were dere wid me… This Diwali was of course special and cool but really missed someone specials in my life.

Guys, since i have started to understand nature and its beauty, I had a dream. Not a big one……My aunt-uncle do live in a village, near to Faridkot. This time, when i was at home, we went to them. Whenever i have visited them, I have thought to grab sun-set. Actually, view from their terrace is always mind blowing n cool.  And, finally i got it.  Here, you can see…


Phone’s camera is not very good one so some quality issues can be noticed. Hopefully, gonna get digi cam soon so that i can make my Dream to capture sun-setting true in a better way…

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Literal Beauty adds more to the beauty of this blog!

Posted by Webmistress on September 14, 2009

Hey pals, So, hows is it going?

Literal Beauty has no posts for such a long time, why? The question may be hitting your mind. Well, again the hectic schedule was the reason Anyways, have finally got the time to jot down something for the fans of Literal Beauty.

Yesterday, I got some pics while thumbling across internet. Here’s a snapshot for you buddies. Have a look and enjoy.

Literal Beauty

literal beauty

Literal beauty

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Birthday wishes to Literal Beauty!

Posted by Webmistress on June 30, 2009

Hey, you all Literal Beauty fans!

Hey, you all Literal Beauty fans!

How are you doing?

Well, it gives me an exterme pleasure to tell you all that Literal Beauty has completed its first year online. It was June 28, 2008 when i started this blog without any specific aim. My motive was just to share my love for nature with people around the world. The huge response from my friends, colleagues and visitors boosted my confidence to keep it on the track.

Happy Birthday Literal beauty

Happy Birthday Literal beauty

During the past one year, Literal Beauty has been one of the most visited blogs with the key-word ‘Jab We Met, Rohtang’. In addition to it, several other relevant/irrelevant keywords got me hundreds of visitors. Thanks to all of those for their valuable moments spend on Literal Beauty!

Hey, don’t forget to wish Literal Beauty a warm and sweet birthday. Jot down your valuable words in the comment section!

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Literal Beauty, it’s not so easy to define!!

Posted by Webmistress on June 3, 2009

Hi, the readres of my blog Literal Beauty! So, how are you doing? hopefully, life would be rocking on :)…cheers

Anyways, i got a mail from one of my readres, a good friend as colleague as well, who has shared his thoughts about Literal Beauty with me! I am sharing it with you, with his consent…. here’s how it goes, word-by-word!

Literal Beauty…. It’s a phenomenon, which would never come to an end! Although people, throughout the world, are trying to alter it, with their anti-natural activities and artificial beauty, but still Literal beauty is consistent and steady.

Well, I got this blog when searching “literal beauty (Natural Beauty)”, and have read all about this. However…. I just want to say that I am not satisfied with the words of the owner as I think that nobody can define what literal beauty is, or can say beautiful.

In my words, Literal beauty is what we can’t change and which is liked only for being original. Beauty loses its true sense when it gets artificial, or we cay say fake.


Dear web mistress, can you plz let me know, why do you love literal Beauty? What happens to you when you go on some hill station like Kasauli? I mean, what special happens? What makes you to love hills and their beauty? I have read your long-long posts about literal beauty but sorry to say that I couldn’t get the actual meaning of Literal Beauty. Now, let me share, what I know about Nature or in the terms of blog, Literal Beauty? Actually when I first read the poem “Education of Nature” composed by William Words Worth in 12th class, I came to know the depths of Nature. Honestly, I was thinking that how nature can teach us something? It was my teacher who sorted out my problem. Believe me, initially; when I was a kid, I was of thinking that nature means Forest. For me, the belongings of the forest, such as lions, trees, and birds were nature, literal beauty. But, today, I can understand how much deep this sea is? Well, Nature (Literal Beauty) can be the things, which can maintain you, inspire you to be independent and caring and can teach you how to stay happy when many things start making you worried? Nature also teaches how to protect your family, lover, and friends etc from the selfishness as being a human.

So the thing is that we must do something for nature. Only writing about the beauty of nature doesn’t gonna work. We should try to save it otherwise if we lost it once, we will die foreverL . It’s really nice to see a nature lover here! Thanks for sharing the beauty of nature with us. And, my questions are still to be answered?


See you around dear,


Hey sush, thanks a lot man! Next post of Literal Beauty would definitley answer the questions rasied by u!

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Jab We Met, the always freshy movie!

Posted by Webmistress on May 13, 2009

AND, this Sunday also was with my favorite celebrities, Shahid and Kareena Kapoor, wathcing Jab we Met!

For me, Jab We Met, the movie in which Shahid Kapoor (Aditaya) & Kareena Kapoor did a marvelous job, is never mind-numbing. I watched Jab We Met today, once again, honestly have no track how many times I’ve watched it, it’s always entertaining and refreshing.

The movie, with no doubts, did a great business throughout India and raked in much more than the investments of the producers. From fans’ point of view, Jab We Met has everything which we always like to have from Indian Cinema, very precisely, romance, friendship, emotional drama, family issues etc. And, I loved Jab We Met for its relevance to my favorite hill station, Manali, Himachal Pradesh.

And, Geet, the character portrayed by Kareena Kapoor in Jab We Met, has the same love and craze for hills as I do have. When I watched Jab We Met for the first time, I was stunned to see how crazy, that gal is, for hills and my bro gave me the complement, ‘it’s just you’…..everybody knows what a hills station, like Manali, means for me J

Geet falls in love with a boy, Anjuman, who resides in Manali, her dream hill-station and the reason for such feeling is just his stay there. Though Anjuman failed to accede to her wishes, but has an important part to play in the premise of the movie.

Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh and Manali, Himachal Pradesh are my favorite hill stations. Jab we Met has innumerous scenes filmed in Manali, especially the one in which Aditaya leaves Geet so that she can go to his dream boy Anjuman. OMG…..did you notice the background? It was awesome, with snow laden hills…… tons of greenery….. I do fall in love with such scenes!

Watching Geet in Jab We Met gave me a nice feeling and I realized that it’s not only me- who experience something crazy, means getting out of control and losing the normal senses (it’s not being abnormal,okay)  in lap of hills, some others do share the same characteristic.  My favorite song of Jab We Met:

This song is awesome, with help from Kareena, Shahid, long roads, high mountains, Hills’ residents, sweet music, brillinat lyrics. Hey…… need to have a HILLY HEART, to feel the feelings expressed there, so sorry if you didn’t find anything special in it….stay tuned:)

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And, i saw literal Beauty in Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh

Posted by Webmistress on April 29, 2009

Hi buddies! Hows going?

Well, It has been so long since i post anything here on our very sweet Literal Beauty. Actually, I was kinda very busy, exams, exams and exams!Schedule was too hectic, so hectic that didn’t get some time to pen in something here regarding literal beauty!

But, today I can’t stop myself from logging in and writing this post. Me, along with someones specials in my life, went to Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh on April 25th, 2009. It was an official trip, consisting of approximately 36 people. And, trust me, it was one of the amazing days of my life. It was the third time i visited Kasauli, Monkey Point. First time, i was with family; second time, i was with my college mates and this time, i was with colleagues and my best friends as well.

Visiting Monkey Point, Kasauli was like a dream coming true for me. Because, i had no plans till 24th April, 2009 but then, I had to prepare myself because Sushil (one of my best friends & colleague) used to say that ‘kabhi kabhi doosro ki khushi ke liye b kuch karna chayiye‘. Hence, this trip was my dedication to the ones who wanted me to be with them in their precious moments.

As very usual, I captured in numerous photographs, some are here for you to enjoy!



These photographs are of Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh, captured with my Nokia 3110 Classic while we’re coming back from Monkey Point. Lots of other things are to be expressed and share with you buddiesso would write another post. Here, you just enjoy the views of the hill station that i love most-

Literal Beauty in kasauli

Literal Beauty in kasauli

Another view of Literal Beauty

Another view of Literal Beauty

And, it also means Literal Beauty

And, it also means Literal Beauty

Hey, i do have hundreds of photos to add here but space issues are coming in the way. Thus, let me go and find some solution 🙂 Do comment in and let me your say about Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh!

I’d be back soon to share my other experiences of Literal Beauty in Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh. Till then, have a rocking time and enjoy yourself….bye!

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Womanhood, where does it stand in this mail-dominated society?

Posted by Webmistress on March 9, 2009

“A women’s guess is more accurate than a men’s certainty”

IWD (International Women Day), March 8, once again gave a decent feeling of being a young gal and it’s more than enough reason for me to write on the above said topic. Kudos to the women, the pre-requisite of a family, all over the world and wish you all a very Happy Women’s Day J

Without any doubts, Womanhood is bliss and only a woman can understand what it’s like to be a woman. Let me throw a light on some most important relations of this world:

Mama– this is the first word, which we all utter, and which is the purest and the most lovable word, for everyone, no matter which position we’re on and how much amount we monthly earn. Mothers are our guides, source of inspiration, motivation and the ones who’re always there to back us! Ponder over “y and large, mothers and housewives are the only workers who do not have regular time off. They are the great vacation-less class.”

Sisters– Our sister is the next relation, after mama, which we can trust and share the depth of heart. She understands you better and really, when you buy and try a new dress, honest reviews can be from a sister only.

Wife/Beloved– Yeah, she becomes an important part of a man’s life, much later than mama and sis. But as soon as she enters his life, she becomes his better half. Being a human, we all need love (Emotional, Physical) so god made this relation to fulfill our lust for love. Gandhi Ji said “Woman is the companion of man, gifted with equal mental capacity”. How much do you agree with this?

Thus, it’s very apparent that women must be treated as the rulers of this society as expecting a good society without women, is impossible.

I am 21 and working at a good position, pursuing my post graduation. But still, sometimes I wonder over the fact why my parents hesitate me to send out after 11:30 PM and if they do allow, why papa/bro is always there with me?

Everybody, reading this article, would reply ‘Society is not safe for women’ and it actually is not, I know. But, who makes society insecure? The general philosophy is that men are responsible but no, putting the whole blame on them is wrong, women themselves are somewhere.

Gals/women grow up keeping it in mind that they’re inferior to boys/men. Family environment also plays an important role. A gal is always told that she should not compare herself with her bro…. He’s a boy and you are a gal….all this makes her to feel that being a woman is a curse L.

As of now, scenario has been changed a lot and it’s changing. Luckily, we’re not a part of the society where women are not supposed to attend schools, to go out, to even live according to their wishes. Their life is nothing more than staring into NOTHINGNESS!

loveyourselfWanna say proudly ‘Women you’re the devotion’

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Literal Beauty reflections on Valentine’s Day

Posted by Webmistress on February 15, 2009

Hi buddies….. First of all, Wish u all a very Happy Valentine’s Day!

Second of all, trust me, I’ve been trying to understand the concept of Valentine’s Day ever since i came to know about it. If you’re the one who thinks that Valentine’s Day is a must for lovers, plz reply me the following….

Can love be bound? Is it right to declare a love specific day? Why proposing on Valentine’s Day actually shows you love someone? What if anyone falls in love with some one on Feb 15, should he/she wait for the next Valentine’s Day? How feelings can be forced to work in a specific manner on a particular day? Who says that a proposal on Valentine’s Day is never rejected? Is giving a chocolate/rose, whatever people do, on Valentine’s Day expresses love? Is not it like a day when gals offer themselves to boys or vice versa….cheapest job? The love-image for you from here


Actually, what i think, if you propose your partner on Valentine’s Day, it simple means you’re not listening to your heart and doing what others are doing…. nay, that’s not LOVE. For me, Love is a feeling and feelings never think. Loving someone means sharing the best part of your day with him/her and spending most of your time thinking for him/her and of course, he/she becomes your dream boy/gal….. right! And, then comes the day when you’re forced or compelled to express your love towards him/her… how anyone can? I mean, at least i can’t. Honestly, I’ve never fallen in love yet so it may be a reason of my thinking like that. Lovers may have their own reasons and logic…. sorry, if i am wrong?If you’re a true lover, you can’t force yourself to wait for a specific day…… this sweet feeling can’t be put behind the bars n can’t wait to be expressed….

And, the worst part of the deal is that the day works like a gift-day especially for gals. And, no one can ever imagine how many gifts from how many boyfriends… a very situational joke, A guy goes to Archies’ and asks for a greeting card with ‘Be My Valentine’. He chose the card and said to the salesman…. plz arrange 15 of same sort!

That’s love nowadays and if you’re away from this curse, you’re lucky Man. Loving someone is not bad….. but always remember SOMEONE, not ANYONE!

Love someone to its extent and never wait for any day, especially Valentine’s Day, to express your feelings…. in fact, i think no one ever needs to express love, the person in front always has the same feelings, most probably 🙂

And, never forget… Mama, Dad, bro n sis all love u, expecting someone else’s love is a good thing but not the only one mission of life…. have a loving day! My questions are still to be answered…..plz answer! Well, Literal beauty didn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day…. if you did, please share how was yours’ day?

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Beware of your colleagues…… yeah man!

Posted by Webmistress on February 2, 2009

Yeah, yeah…..why this post here, it’d be striking your mind. Guys, actually, I am curious to write what we pals did today, but don’t have any specific blog for such kinda stuff. Initially, I decided to put it on Tushar’s blog (, my colleague, he runs this blog to mention his everyday office activities. But, then decided to put my stupidities on my very own sweet blog, Literal Beauty!

Guys, today was just an ordinary office day with hectic schedule and tension of achieving targets. Things went on very usually till 4:00 (near about). Unintentionally, I just decided to be a little relax so went out of my cabin. What I saw, pathway was blocked due to some reasons so had to choose the other way. And the trouble began here!


The second way was through HUT(another portion of our office). In hut, the cleverest buddies reside, being very precise- VJ sir, soman sir, bhupi sir ( the ones who failed to defend me today). I was just passing through their cabin and they guys started taunting me…. actually I always took panga first, so was today!

Ultimately, we came to make a bet.  Bet on what (would not explain sorry, coz many office mates would read it)….but me and those cheaters know what that bet was all about. Following the fact that boys are always silly, I offered them the chance to decide what would be the amount of bet. Soman sir….. he decided 200 rs….. done!

They cheaters gave me thirty minutes to accomplish the task and I said that I’d complete it in 15 minutes only. Tried…..took help from several buddies…… n I was about to win………..

But, they gamblers, they got the network wire out, disabling me to access their PC! So, ultimately, they made me realize that I’ve lost the game 😦

But in actual terms, I am the winner win! I really enjoyed them spying on me…. seeing what I was doing….. sending bhupi sir to see what’s going on my PC…….. calling hina mam to know what I was doing….LOL

They people were about to lose, but at the end, they cheated and won the game saying “everything is fair in love an war”….

For me, it was very pleasing and happy experience. They were afraid of me…. however were not showing so…. otherwise what was the need to get the wire out ( you trio can reply here….. cheaters)….

Whatever……. you all are so good and nice people and I am really very lucky to have you all with me….. although  I know, you always try to pull my leg…:)

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